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Lego launches NES with CRT TV


Lego knows how to speak to the little geek who lies dormant in the depths of each of us. The manufacturer of plastic bricks announced today a new set that you will inevitably want to buy yourself: this kit reproduces an NES accompanied by its controller, a Super Mario cartridge, and … a CRT television!

Already, it’s amazing. But the best is yet to come: a crank on the workstation allows you to “play” Super Mario! The mustachioed hero leaps along a level that scrolls in loop on the TV. It borders on genius. It is just a shame that the console is not really one, it could have been a kind of NES Mini in briquettes, but finally there will already be something to have a good time with the 2 646 pieces of this set.

Lego and Nintendo have been partners for some time. Moreover, the new NES kit is compatible with the set Super Mario which allows you to play “in real life” at a level of the game. We can thus place the character above the station so that it emits noises as his avatar progresses on the television!

The NES kit will be available on August 1, at the same time as the Super Mario set, and you will have to pay $ 230 to take advantage of it.


Wall Street ends up sharply, hoping for further support


A man lying on a bench facing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Wall Street (New York), July 13, 2020 (AFP / Johannes EISELE)

The New York Stock Exchange ended clearly in the green Tuesday, after a jagged session, marked by the quarterly results of several major American banks and the hope of additional measures to support the economy.

Its flagship index, the Dow Jones, climbed 2.13% to 26,642.59 points, recording its third straight advance.

The Nasdaq, with a strong technological coloring, appreciated by 0.94% to 10,488.58 points.

The broader S&P 500 index rose 1.34% to 3,197.52 points, returning to almost the same level as at the start of the year.

According to press reports, Democrats and Republicans are close to a compromise in Congress to vote for new support measures in response to the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The promise of fiscal stimulus boosts economic expectations,” said Chris Low of FHN Financial.

The plan could include sending new government checks to US residents after the $ 1,200 per person already distributed in May, as well as extending weekly unemployment benefits until early next year.

According to Lael Brainard, Governor of the Fed, public aid is “vital” to allow the American economy to get through the Covid-19 crisis, in particular because of the risk of a second wave of contamination and its repercussions.

The optimism about a recovery has in any case been confirmed in New York, where several cyclical stocks, which are highly dependent on fluctuations in the economy, ended up.

This was notably the case of the construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar (+ 4.83%), which is part of the Dow Jones, and of the agricultural equipment manufacturer Deere & Company (+ 3.50%).

Tuesday’s session was also animated by the publication before the opening of the second quarter results of several large banking institutions.

JPMorgan Chase (+ 0.57%) and Citigroup (-3.93%) did better than expected between April and June, but the two banks had to put huge sums aside to meet the arrears of their respective customers .

Wells Fargo (-4.57%), which recorded a net loss of $ 2.4 billion, also had to provision $ 8.4 billion to protect itself from a situation much worse than expected because of of the pandemic.

The streaming giant Netflix and the pharmaceutical group Johnson & Johnson will also bend to this exercise in the coming days.

Among the indicators, consumer prices rose again in June in the United States, to + 0.6%, after three months of decline due to the crisis linked to the Covid-19, according to the CPI index released Tuesday by the Labor Department.

On the bond market, the 10-year rate on the US debt stood at 0.6217% around 20:55 GMT, up from Monday evening (0.6184%).

– Ford revives the Bronco –

Among the other values ​​of the day, Delta Air Lines (-2.65%) recorded a net loss of $ 5.7 billion in the second quarter but said Tuesday that it had 15.7 billion in cash at the end of June to face the consequences of the pandemic.

Its competitor American Airlines fell 0.52%. According to the CNBC financial news channel, the group will announce to its pilots this week that some of them may soon be placed on technical unemployment.

Ford rose 4.95% after unveiling new versions of its legendary Bronco 4×4 on Monday evening, hoping to attract a new generation of enthusiasts more than two decades after the production of this model stopped.

Nokia took 3.35%. The Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer has announced the launch of new software allowing mobile operators to upgrade their broadcasting systems, from 4G to 5G, without requiring a visit to the infrastructure or the installation of new equipment.


dho / Dt / dga


In Rouen, Sarah Vauzelle is the new assistant for sport and youth


A few hours from his first real city council meeting, Friday July 10, Sarah Vauzelle getting ready for « the great baptism. I have two deliberations, including one for debate ». Despite a slight apprehension, the new assistant in charge of sport and youth has « worked well with the teams. I will do my best ». And indeed, if Sarah Vauzelle is a novice in politics, she does not lack experience in the field of her two delegations.

Originally from Barentin, the elected official is today responsible for the Rouen-Eure branch of the Fondation Act Against Exclusion (Face) Normandie. « I have also been involved in badminton for ten years. I was president of the Maromme-Déville-Mont-Saint-Aignan club until last year. Today I am vice-president. » In this context, she meets Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, « who contributed to the organization of the French championships at Kindarena [en 2019, NDLR] ” The project, led by the new mayor, appeals to the young woman: « It brought together talents. It was the best project we could hope for for the city of Rouen. »

Save the clubs, help the young

Its two “cross-functional” delegations go hand in hand: « Sport goes with the dynamic spirit of youth policy and youth is a big pillar of the city. We must find how to bring talents to study in Rouen and stay there. »

Among the main priorities for the start of the school year, Sarah Vauzelle points to the survival of sports clubs: « Sport and culture are the two big forgotten by state aid. We will try to save as many associations as possible. They will be affected by the second wave, economic and social, in September. » The deputy fears that citizens, whose purchasing power has declined, will abandon sports associations. Without a subsidy, clubs risk not surviving.

« Associations must be supported so that they can reinvent themselves. We will also work a lot to promote the benefits of sport for young people, the elderly and the sick. » And try to save jobs « that structure clubs ».

The youth dossier looks just as heavy: « With the end of the state of health emergency, young adults will be kicked out by the ASE. We will not be able to absorb, but we must bring them a particular listening, offer them a place to hear their problems, to avoid that they find themselves without promise of future. » For this, Sarah Vauzelle intends to collaborate with associations in order to create « a youth center to discuss various subjects such as drugs, harassment, raise awareness of employment assistance systems, support them in building their project … » Friday evening, the two deliberations, at the municipal council, focused on aid devices: the funding of Bafa (animator’s certificate) and assistance in access to cultural and sporting leisure.

The Catalan Nortia Capital moves its headquarters to Madrid


Nortia Capital Investment Holding this past week it has moved its registered office to Madrid. As recorded in the information published in the Mercantile Registry on July 9, the investment arm of the former owner of Cirsa, businessman Manuel Lao, will direct his financial emporium from Calle Sagasta, 31, Madrid, a few meters from the national headquarters of the Popular Party.

Sources familiar with the process assure that “the decision has nothing to do with the Catalan political connotations”, which a few years ago caused the change of headquarters of a large number of Catalan companies.

Nortia has been the second shareholder of Socimi Merlin Properties since March with 6.2% of the capital

On this occasion, Nortia Capital’s decision is more linked to its future strategy, once it has become the second shareholder of the largest publicly traded investment company in the real estate market (socimi) of the Ibex 35, Merlin Properties, managed by the charismatic businessman Ismael Clemente.

In full confinement, on March 24, Nortia completed a progressive process of acquiring Merlin shares, taking advantage of the drop in its share price since the start of the pandemic.

Specifically, on that day it was learned that Nortia Capital owned 5.39% of Merlin Properties. A percentage that continued to grow during the month until reaching the end of March at 6.2%. Thus, Nortia has positioned itself as the second shareholder of the socimi behind Banco Santander, owner of 22.2% and surpassing the investment fund BlackRock, which owns 4%.

This position of strength has served the former owner of the gaming empire Cirsa to get a seat on the board of directors of the socimi, as approved at the shareholders’ meeting that Merlin Properties held on June 17. Since then, Manuel Lao, of Almería origin, has been represented in the highest management body of Merlin by María Ana Forner Beltrán, CEO of Nortia Capital.

With this decision, Nortia Capital leaves the headquarters of the Can Ametller park in Sant Cugat del Vallès, from where Manuel Lao has directed his investment strategy since in 2018 he sold Cirsa, based in Terrasa, to the investment fund Blackstone. “But that does not mean that the whole business will be transferred, only the financial part. 75% of Nortia’s activity will continue to be linked to the headquarters of Sant Cugat and the other 25% distributed, nationally, between Malaga, Valencia, Ciudad Real, Cádiz, Gran Canaria and Gijón, and internationally especially in Latin America ”, sources familiar with the decision explain.

Indeed, at the closing of this edition, companies such as Sant Cugat Technological Center, dedicated to the manufacture of electronic components, Nortia Hotels & Resort or Nortia Properties Investment, some of the more than a hundred companies that hang from the investment vehicle of Manuel Lao, remained domiciled in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

His departure from Cirsa also did not keep Lao from investing in the lucrative gaming business, where he still has significant assets, both in Spain and internationally. Although Nortia Capital has stepped on the accelerator especially in real estate investment, from hotels to promotion and the aforementioned commitment to professional rental. Perhaps the most relevant operation was the purchase from the KKH group, in July 2019, of the building of the Paseo de Gràcia in Barcelona of more than 2,500 square meters that houses Casa Seat, the last and emblematic project of Luca de Meo before leaving the Seat presidency for Renault.

The plaintiff from Pilsen resigned due to accusing her son of cutting taxes


Information on the resignation of Úlovcová on Thursday was confirmed to Práva by her direct superior, the regional public prosecutor in Pilsen, Anna Maříková. The highest prosecutor, Pavel Zeman, was also informed about her step, as his spokesman Petr Malý said.

At the same time, the Czech Bar Association (ČAK) suspended the accused lawyer Úlovec’s practice for as long as he was in custody.

“On May 29, Dr. Úlovcová handed me a copy of her resignation from the position of district public prosecutor, which she sent to the Ministry of Justice,” Maříková told Práva on Thursday.

According to her, she also received a written confirmation from the Ministry that the resignation of the head of the Pilsen district prosecutors had been received at the beginning of June, and that her position would therefore expire on 31 July.

She will remain a plaintiff

From August, she will be only an ordinary prosecutor, whom she was appointed in 1994. Her superior, the Pilsen regional public prosecutor, logically followed the reasons for this step by Úlovcová.

“She told me she had serious family reasons for the resignation. When I asked them, she told me that my son had been taken into custody in Prague due to a tax cut, and that she therefore inferred personal responsibility and resigned from office. It’s very bad of that, “said Maříková.

According to Práva, the catch ended in custody on May 26 due to an allegedly large-scale economic case and allegedly within an organized criminal group. There are a total of ten accused in it and the seriousness of the case is evidenced by the fact that they all ended up behind the bars of remand prisons, according to the editors’ findings.

According to its spokeswoman Iva Chaloupková, the Czech Bar Association is informed about the criminal prosecution of Úlovce. “By taking him into custody, he was automatically suspended from advocacy. He has an appointed representative who will take on obligations to his clients, “Chaloupková told Práva. If the Catcher is convicted of an unconditional sentence, he has definitively ceased as a lawyer.

Protests continue in Serbia against the reintroduction of Covid-19 restrictions – Day

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Corona in 24 hours A doctor explodes a surprise and scientists reveal the secret of the mystery of the virus – Masrawy – Masrawy


Corona in 24 hours A doctor explodes a surprise and scientists reveal the mystery of the Masrawy-Masrawy virus

90 + 6: Bizarre escape keeps Nürnberg in the Second League – AD.nl.


90 + 6: Bizarre escape keeps Nürnberg in the Tweede Liga AD.nlView full story via Google News

The Formula 1 season was extended by the races in Mugello and Sochi


Leonhard Foeger, ČTK / AP

While Sochi has been part of the championship since 2014, the Ferrari home circuit in Mugello will welcome the formula for the first time. The race in Tuscany, in which the famous team will celebrate the jubilee 1000th race in the World Cup, will take place a week after the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

So far, Mugello has only hosted the Road Motorcycle Championship, the Lower Car Series races and the Ferrari test drives. After Monza, Imola and Pescara, this is the fourth Italian circuit to be presented in the formula. “Organizing a race in Mugello on the occasion of our thousandth race is a great opportunity,” said Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto.

Great return confirmed! Former world champion after two years again in the formula

Although the season for coronavirus has begun with a number of security measures and without spectators, the organizers of the Sochi race expect to let fans into the stands. They have even started selling tickets. “It will be an incredible festival for the widest possible audience,” said race promoter Alexei Titov.

“Year after year, we keep a balanced attendance and we prepare safe conditions for the fans,” added Titov. In Russia, 11,000 people have died from the covid-19 and has been confirmed in 714,000, the fourth highest number in the world.

Seven races canceled

The season was originally scheduled to have 22 races, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, seven were canceled and the start of the World Cup was postponed by four months. At the beginning of June, the management of the series published a modified calendar with eight races, with more being added gradually according to the situation.

The Grand Prix of Tuscany and Russia has increased the number of confirmed races to ten, all taking place in Europe. The formula management hopes that the season will have a limited season of 15 to 19 races. The year should end in December with races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

The race in Portugal is also under discussion, where the formula was run regularly from 1984 to 1996. The Italian Imola also has a chance to organize the race, and the premier Vietnam Grand Prix is ​​still in view, which according to the original calendar was to take place on the Hanoi city circuit. in April.


New for Pages, Numbers and Keynote on Mac and iOS: YouTube integration, iBooks Author support


Apple has decided to burn a few servers tonight. After the public beta of iOS 14 and others, after the GM of iOS 13.6 and all its band, how about a big update for the Mac versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The word processor and spreadsheet support the integration of YouTube and Vimeo videos. It’s also easier to add captions and titles to images, videos, shapes, and other objects.

The presentation tool includes a new option to start playing a slideshow in a window. Convenient to keep access to other applications during a presentation. Still in Keynote, movies can be played between two transitions. Pages is more flexible with formulas and iBooks Author file import now works – it was expected, knowing that iBooks Author is at the end of life.

Update – On iOS, Pages, Numbers and Keynote welcome the same new features, except iBooks Author support in the mobile version of Pages.

Release Notes

Pages 10.1, macOSiOS

  • Play YouTube and Vimeo videos directly from your documents.
  • Easily add titles and subtitles to images, videos, figures and other objects.
  • Create more flexible formulas with new functions.
  • Import an iBooks Author book so you can work on it in Pages.

Numbers 10.1, macOSiOS

  • Play YouTube and Vimeo videos directly from your spreadsheets.
  • Easily add titles and subtitles to images, videos, figures and other objects.
  • New functions, including XRECHERCHE, XEQUIV and EXP.REG, allow you to match expressions, manipulate text and create flexible formulas.

Keynote 10.1, macOSiOS

  • Use the new option “Start slideshow in a window” to access other applications when you are hosting a presentation locally or by videoconference.
  • It is now possible to continue playing videos during transitions between slides. Add the same video to multiple slides for continuous playback from one slide to another.
  • Use the “Align on path” option so that the objects remain oriented in the right direction while following the path of the animation.
  • Easily add titles and subtitles to images, videos, figures and other objects.