Does your Apple Watch 3 restart spontaneously? The software patch is coming

Apple has released in recent hours a new software update for watchOS, specifically for the third generation of its Apple Watch. In fact, these portable devices have been affected by an annoying software bug. The update being released is basically a patch and consists of watchOS version 7.0.3. The fix aims to fix the problem […]

d’Or – Commerce. Dijon: Villa Messner changes name and activity

Early 2020, Sophie Didey, manager of The little queen, rue Vauban in Dijon, revealed his project to us. Wednesday, October 21, it becomes concrete. Instead of the Villa Messner, these are the doors of the Villa that will open. Exit The world of the night. It is a restaurant that the Dijonnaise, accompanied by her […]

Barcelona: four renewals and salary reductions

Barcelona completed all three Gs on his debut in the Champions League 20/21. Is that in the 5-1 win at home against the Hungarian Ferencvaros he won, liked and thrashed. And the fans culĂ© not only celebrated the three points in the international contest, but also the renewal of the contracts of four of the […]

ZODIAC PROPHECY Wednesday, October 21 2020: A Story of Success and Love Sometimes Prophecies are much more we can believe than ourselves. As reported PR Fix Pekanbaru at 20 October 2020 with the title “ZODIAC OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Wednesday October 21 2020: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius“. From Daily forecast, you can learn all the details that interest you about the features Zodiac your financial […]

In a great evening dress … and apparent thong! on Orange Videos

Kim Kardashian: In a great evening dress … and apparent thong! Source: #KimKardashianEn, #dress, #grands, #events, #string, #apparent Next video in 5 seconds .

Video consultation

Dear patients, It is important to us that you receive all-round service from your UKSH.With the new Video consultation you get the opportunity directly and conveniently online to go to your UKSH doctor in the virtual waiting room. Save time and travel You log in online at the agreed time using an internet-enabled device of […]

Is fat necessary for a healthy diet?

The fats son essential macronutrients Y play a vital role in people’s diet. The importance of fat consumption goes beyond their caloric intake, since they are part of cell membranes, help regulate body temperature, support the transport of fat-soluble vitamins, among other functions. The debate around its consumption is related to diseases like obesity and […]