“Goodbye, Voyager”…a beautiful universe captured over half a century

The space probe ‘Voyager’, which has been in flight for 45 years since launch in 1977, is about to retire. Recently, local media such as Scientific America reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) would introduce the Voyager into a ‘shutdown’ that gradually reduces the power of the spacecraft this year. Voyager is […]

Cyclops movie trailer

Theater trailer for THE CYCLOPS (1957). Read all about the 50-year history of Chicago TV horror hosts and …

A riddle that seems impossible. Can you solve it?

Riddles can be fun, and sometimes really difficult. The mystery covered in this video is one such, the question is: If we say that there are 100 prisoners, numbered zero to one hundred, while pieces of paper with each number placed randomly in boxes in a sealed room. One at a time, each prisoner enters […]

Strange cloud in the sky, NASA images

Recent NASA discoveries are leaving everyone speechless. One of the latter concerns one particular cloud sighted on the Caspian Sea in the period of May. This discovery offers an interesting starting point on the study carried out by satellites, which have reported the presence of this anomaly with great precision. The “strange” cloud detected by […]

How far will medical imaging take us?

Published on : 29/06/2022 – 14:35 How in a few decades MRI and scanners have made our body transparent (and in 3D) revolutionizing diagnoses, prognoses and treatments. From neonatal brain scan to assisted surgery, how far and how to image the body? MRIs, scanners, tomography, ultrasounds have made our body and all its organs transparent. […]

this summer, advance science… shovel in hand

Soil richness is not measured only in oil or diamonds. A team of scientists from Inserm and the University of Paris has launched a participatory science project to search for bacteria in the earth under our feet. “Nearly 80% of the antibiotics used today come from soil bacteria, figure Vincent Libis, co-head and researcher at […]