Alena’s horoscope: Work disputes Leos, prudence brings success to Virgos

ARIES Change your attitude towards your colleagues and do not be kind to the envious, although you pity them for their inability to realize the harm of envy instead of learning from you. In this way, you will save yourself from trying to burden you with their obligations. Today it is not in your favor […]

Queen Victoria – sex, drugs and nine children

Queen Victoria’s reign, popularly known as the Victorian Era, is best known for the Christian strictness that the British Empire successfully imposed on its colonial populations around the world. Queen Victoria, who ruled Great Britain from 1837-1902, was a very passionate and sexual woman. Her diaries reveal how much she adored sex with her husband, […]

Good luck horoscope for 2023 for all signs of the zodiac – Astrology –

Also, the beginning of the year will be happy for Aries, Lviv, Sagittarius, because. From December 21, 2022 to May 16, 2023, Jupiter moves in fiery Aries and helps achieve the best results in business started in mid-2022, says astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova). Jupiter is a gas giant, one of the brightest objects in […]