Fraud with corona tests: Eight years in prison for Späti operators Regional

Berlin – It is Berlin’s largest procedure to date for incorrectly billed corona tests: Kemal C. (46, Späti operator) from Wedding cheated the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians by 9.7 million euros. The final bill from the district court on Tuesday: eight years and nine months in prison for commercial, particularly serious fraud. The […]

paid only a percentage of luxury cars

Edna Tais ‘N’, better known as ‘La Tais’, was arrested by police officers Mexico City (CDMX) attached to the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC); He is accused of his probable participation in the crime of fraud. ‘La Tais’ was apprehended by agents of the Investigative Police in the Valle de Aragón neighborhood, Third Section, municipality […]

An information security expert reveals how the electronic fraud process takes place (video)

Dr. Walid Abdel Maqsoud, an information security expert, said that we are facing brigades, militias, and companies that use youth in fraud operations by recruiting them to form currents to reach electronic penetration and then fraud operations. Abdel Maksoud indicated, during his interview with the journalist Ibrahim Issa, on the “Cairo Hadith” program, broadcast on […]

“From now on, I will pick up my card at an agency”

This is the situation that no one would want to experience. A 30-year-old man from Brussels was the victim of credit card fraud. He had ordered a Mastercard Gold card for the first time from BNP Paribas Fortis. Small problem: he does not receive this card, nor the second that he ordered then, report our […]

How a person affected reacted to the WhatsApp scam

How a person affected reacted to the WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp scams can hit anyone. A victim responded correctly. How she noticed the fraud and what experts advise. “The SMS came out of the blue for me,” says one of those affected. On an evening suddenly a message appeared on her cell phone: “Hello mom/dad, my cell phone is broken. This is my new cell […]

Two-factor authentication on Twitter only for subscribers

Two-factor authentication on Twitter only for subscribers

Saturday, 02/18/2023, 13:01 San Francisco – Twitter will now only allow paying subscribers to use text messages (SMS) to secure their accounts. This was announced by Twitter on Friday (local time) in a blog entry. Unfortunately, it was found that account security via SMS and the associated phone numbers had been used – and abused […]