Zhilin: US will overstrain to control two crises

https://uz.sputniknews.ru/20220526/jilin-ssha-nadorvutsya-pytayas-kontrolirovat-krizisy-na-ukraine-i-v-tayvane—video-24806516.html Zhilin: US will overstrain trying to control crises in Ukraine and Taiwan – video Zhilin: US will overstrain trying to control crises in Ukraine and Taiwan – video Can the United States simultaneously control the zones of tension it has created in Europe and Asia? This question is answered by military expert Alexander Zhilin […]

Italy’s peace plan poorly correlates with reality – Russian Foreign Ministry

Maria Zakharova learned about the peace plan from the media Italy’s plan can serve as an example of “armchair theorizing,” says Maria Zakharova. The Russian side has not received any peace plan from the Italian Foreign Ministry to end the war in Ukraine. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry […]

One Asset Management recommends gradually collecting Chinese stocks during the market starting to recover after responding to the high risk | RYT9

Mr. Poth Harinsut, Chief Executive Officer of One Asset Management Company Limited, revealed that the risky asset market will still face a high level of uncertainty. This was partly the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war. and tightening control of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, as well as the Federal Reserve’s tough monetary policy (Fed) continues […]

Ukraine war Russia, today’s latest news on the crisis. DIRECT

Moscow: Rome did not send us slowly but from what we read … “They have not sent us anything from Rome, but from what we read in the media, the Italian proposals are so detached from reality that in principle it is difficult for them to be taken seriously”. The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign […]