GRIMCUTTY Trailer (2022)

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Helios Krefeld: Campaign for children with cancer: Rainbow song gives you goosebumps

Aug 18, 2022 at 5:04 p.m “Do not give up!” : Action for children suffering from cancer: Rainbow riders provide goosebumps in Krefeld The rainbow riders stopped at the Helios Clinic to encourage children suffering from cancer. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld 50 rainbow riders on a multi-day tour from Koblenz to Münster stop in front […]

“Bibi and Tina” film with horror scenes: Children storm out of the cinema crying

Especially for children of preschool age up to six years, the described scenes are “very questionable”, describes the expert. “At this age children cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. In addition, with the teddy bear, for example, we have a character that has a large place in the child’s environment. If the bear’s head is […]

Bartošová’s son Artur does not rely on inheritance, he goes to study

Although he probably wouldn’t have to work much in life thanks to the inherited wealth of his parents, Artur Štaidl fulfills the wishes of his famous father and sticks to modesty and hard work. That is probably why he decided to study a difficult university field. Twenty-five-year-old Artur is the son of the highly successful […]

Nationwide analysis: These cities offer the best childcare options

04.08.2022 – 14:00 Europe Berlin (ots) While the children are still enjoying the holidays carefree, many parents are already tense at the thought of the start of the new school year. Above all, the change in childcare causes stress in many families, because the search for a daycare place, afternoon care or babysitter can […]