Power companies may anger Australian public opinion | Opinion

Australia’s electricity providers are on track to match Wall Street in the financial crisis. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, declared on Friday that the Australian Energy Market Operator (OMEA) had suspended spot operations in the electricity market for the week because generators were withholding supply to “play”. This suspicious behavior can provoke a general reaction […]

Exchange record – electricity sold for tomorrow by two Kozloduy NPPs

The Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange set a record in the traded quantities of electricity on the Day Ahead market segment for the delivery day on June 15. This is the highest amount traded in a day since the exchange existed. The electricity sold is 96,976.1 megawatt hours, with an average capacity of 4,040.67 megawatts, or […]

Movimur has the new Xiaomi electric bicycle

Currently, Xiaomi is one of the electronic product brands of the moment, whose articles have a good design, are of high quality and are also accessible to the general public. On the website of We moveyou can access endless items that make up the Xiaomi universe, from mobile phones to drones. Among the wide variety […]

This will be the first fully electric Bentley car that arrives in 2025

The motor sector is in the process of change. No company wants to be left behind in the move to a greener market, so it’s no wonder new sustainable models with truly amazing features are announced every week. Aiming to become the leading manufacturer of green luxury vehicles, Bentley has announced under its program Beyond100 […]

an ecosystem must emerge

A special ecosystem for the management of electronic and electrical waste is necessary. This was announced by Leila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development. She also noted that her department is working on a special business plan for computer equipment and materials used in electronic and electrical devices. In response to a written […]

Video .. Electric poles fell and a fire broke out due to the wind wave in Al-Ahsa urgent

• No casualties..and Al-Madani gives safety tips when winds and sandstorms blow • Be careful when passing near lighting poles, high pressure lines and billboards Al-Ahsa was hit by a strong wind wave, which led to a power outage in some neighborhoods. According to “Al-Ikhbariya”, there are no casualties after electric poles and traffic lights […]