Offenbach: New bell for Marienkirche

Updated: 28.10.202017:44 fromJonas Nonnenmann shut down It was poured on Saturday and is named after the Benedictine monk Walter von Pontoise. In the Offenbach quarter “An den Eichen” a bell was cast for the Marienkirche on Saturday. For this, copper and tin were heated to over 1000 degrees in a melting furnace and filled into … Read more

Critique: What will it be – Cineuropa

27/10/2020 – In his 4th film as director, which closed the 15th Rome Film Festival, Francesco Bruni, formidably played by Kim Rossi Stuart, tells of his illness with humor and self-confidence This article is available in French. Our protagonist stands balanced on a rail like a tightrope walker, decked out in his pyjamas with a … Read more

Lockdown – a consequence of egoisms

October 28, 2020 at 5:34 pm Paid content: The seven-day incidence for Krefeld rises to 142 : Lockdown – a consequence of egoisms Theater director Michael Grosse says: “Of course the current situation is pushing many and many things to absolutely existential limits. But a lack of solidarity only exacerbates any existential threat. ” Photo: … Read more