Conflict in Ukraine occupies the UN Security Council

United Nations, May 5 (Prensa Latina) The UN Security Council will today dedicate a meeting to the situation in Ukraine in which the secretary general of the multilateral organization, António Guterres, will participate. According to the scheduled agenda, the head of the United Nations will inform the Council about his recent visits to Russia and […]

“Putin raised his middle finger to the UN Secretary-General”

[이데일리 장영은 기자] Ukrainians have argued that Russia’s missile attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kiiu, where the UN secretary-general is visiting, was an insult to the United Nations and the West. Ukraine claims that President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Kii on the 28th (local time) was intended to reproach the United Nations and the West. […]

Church President Volker Jung: “This is blasphemy”

Since 2009: Volker Jung is President of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau based in Darmstadt. Image: Michael Braunschädel Easter celebrations and the justification of violence are incompatible for the church president of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau. In the interview he also talks about digital services. Darmstadt ⋅ Mr. Jung, if […]

Ukrainian Troops Push Forward as Russian Forces Regroup

Ukrainian officials said their armed forces are pressing forward against Russian military units around Kyiv, seeking to exploit Moscow’s efforts to regroup after weeks of heavy losses. After taking the city of Irpin to the northwest of Kyiv this week, Ukrainian forces are now engaged in heavy fighting in the neighboring towns of Bucha and […]

Ukrainians Flee Mariupol as Russian Forces Push to Take Port City

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine—The battle for the southern port city of Mariupol intensified Tuesday with fleeing civilians describing Russian and Ukrainian forces locked in street-by-street warfare through the city’s downtown as Moscow’s airstrikes gutted entire neighborhoods. Nearly a month after Russia invaded Ukraine, it is on the verge of taking Mariupol in what would be the first […]

UN campaign with Angelina Jolie for donations for Yemen

Geneva (AP) – The United Nations has launched a call for donations for the civil war country Yemen. At a donor conference with US actress Angelina Jolie in Geneva on Wednesday, they want to raise 3.9 billion euros for the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula. Many of the 32 million inhabitants are starving. After […]

Ukrainian civilian casualties increase to 1424 = UN | Reuters

The United Nations Human Rights Commission announced on the 9th that 1424 civilian casualties (516 dead and 908 injured) have been confirmed since the war began in Ukraine about two weeks ago. Taken March 7, in Kharkiv, Ukraine (2022 Reuters / Oleksandr Lapshyn) [Geneva, 9th Reuters]–The United Nations Human Rights Commission announced on the 9th […]