That’s why the start of the Krefeld EV 81 in the Oberliga is not yet fixed

Jun 12, 2022 @ 5:28pm Eishockey : KEV plays in the top league when the budget is secured The KEV would like to keep the goalscorer Marcel Mahkovec (on the puck). Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamb) Krefeld The KEV 81 reported the Oberliga team on time. He has to submit the license documents by June 30th. […]

CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions now in women’s football

In the future, the CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions will also be played in women’s football. The finalists will be announced in July. A finalissima will also take place in women’s football in the future. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief In the future there will also be a «Finalissima» in women’s football. Who will […]

Why the NRW 3×3 street basketball tour is important for Mönchengladbach

May 27, 2022 at 1:40 p.m 3×3-Streetbasketball-Tour : Important advertising for basketball in Mönchengladbach There were three-on-three basketball games at the Hans Jonas Comprehensive School both outside and in the sports hall. Photo: Ja / Knappe, Joerg (jkn) Basketball The “NRW3x3 Street Basketball Tour” visited Mönchengladbach this week. Even if the number of registrations was […]