“I washed myself naked in the street…” reveals Claire Bahi

Invited on Friday, May 20, 2022 to the program “Les Femmes d’ici” broadcast on the Ivorian television channel NCI, the Ivorian singer Claire Bahi made new confidences about her unpleasant previous life and spoke widely about the choice Christian music. Definitely, the former first lady of the coupé-décalé, who saw herself leaving the profane world […]

5 eating habits that weaken the immune system

KOMPAS.com – Guard immune system staying strong is one of the most important things to ward off various diseases. Maintaining a strong immune system must be done in two directions, namely by adopting habits that increase immune function while avoiding behaviors that can weaken the immune system. Habits that weaken the body’s immunity include daily […]

10 Symptoms of Early-Stage Colon Cancer You Need to Know

KOMPAS.com – Symptoms bowel cancer need to know to determine the severity and can receive the best treatment. In addition, by knowing various bowel cancer symptomsthe sufferer can immediately get medical treatment as early as possible before the disease gets worse. The reason is, if cancer cells have spread and damage other organs, the chances […]

Ashley Graham reveals she nearly died giving birth to her twins

By Lea Mabilon Published 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago Ashley Graham, guest of the CBS This Morning news program (New York, May 25, 2021.) Getty Images The 34-year-old model recounted the nightmarish night of her delivery in an open letter published on the site Glamour UsFriday, May 20. “The night I gave birth […]

“‘Drunk Driving’ Kim Sae-ron’s passenger is Daniel Kang”… outrageous rumors

A YouTuber uses thumbnails to mosaic photos related to Kim Sae-ron and Kang DanielSuspicions have been raised online that ‘Isn’t Daniel Kang a passenger?’Police “The passenger was a non-celebrity woman… Review of allegations of aiding and abetting drunk driving Actor Kim Sae-ron Instagram capture While actress Kim Sae-ron was charged with violating the Road Traffic […]

Music – 80s icon has turned 60: Sandra wants to start again – culture

Olmütz/Saarbrücken (dpa) – It was the time of perms, puff sleeves and waist belts. In the 80s, the Americans had Madonna and Whitney Houston, the Italians Gianna Nannini, the British Samantha Fox – and in Germany, after Nena’s worldwide success, Sandra suddenly appeared. With “Maria Magdalena” the singer became an international act in her early […]

If anxiety attacks for no reason … you should suspect generalized anxiety disorder

If you have trouble concentrating on your studies or work due to worry and anxiety, easily fatigued, or suffer from insomnia for a long time, you need to suspect generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that causes a variety of physical and mental symptoms due to unexplained anxiety or excessive anxiety. Typical […]