Poncho de Nigris leaves La Casa de los Famosos 3 to go to Televisa

A couple of weeks after announcing that he was contemplating entering The House of the Famous 3, nigris poncho He thought it over and “he’s cracking.” This was revealed by himself during his meeting with the reporter Edén Dorantes, to whom he told the beautiful experience he lived in Qatar, where nigris poncho46 years old, […]

Is there a shortage of lard? People buy it because of expensive butter

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the season of baking Christmas cookies. You need to use some fat to prepare it. People most often reach for butter, which, however, has become significantly more expensive recently. You will also pay extra for lard, but you can get the same amount for roughly […]

Even the Japanese do not want them… An Israeli journalist in Qatar revealed the deception of an Israeli journalist who claimed to be from Ecuador (video)

date of publication : Saturday 08:52 2022-11-26 Last update : Saturday 08:58 2022-11-26 view – monitor A video clip documenting the disclosure of the deception of an Israeli journalist who claimed to be Ecuadorean, spread on social media, after the Arab masses refused to talk to him or participate in his press interviews. The pioneers […]