Video prova Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+ 2023

Iwata’s crossover evolves by adopting all-new electronics, which includes inertial platform IMU and a millimeter wave radar. This allows the engine and braking control unit to offer new functions, including the first unified braking system: Through the inertial platform and the radar, the Bosch hydraulic unit regulates the actions on the calipers, optimizing the rider’s […]

Test video of the new Ducati Scrambler Icon 2023

After the first version launched in 2015, Ducati has profoundly renewed the Scrambler range that we tested on the streets of Valencia. Below you will find the video of our test, with Fabio Meloni and Marco Gualdani. The important technical update starts from the look, even more modern but still in a classic key. The […]

“But why don’t you ever test the BMW R 1250 R?”

Dear Diego, the maxinaked segment, of which the R 1250 R belongs, is today polarized towards performance. For this reason, when we organize a comparison, the most sensible choice is to deploy the most gritty model. Furthermore, the fact that the BMW range is very articulated goes somewhat to the detriment of the number of […]

Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle GPS

Garmin Zumo XT2 Motorcycle GPS

Larger screen, more resistant case and improved navigation International maps, scenic Michelin routes, improved planning, group navigation… Three years ago, the navigation specialist Garmin renewed its range of GPS for motorcycles by launching a new generation with the Zümo XT. Unlike other navigation devices, the latter met the growing need of trail owners by adding […]