YouTube launches a new feature that focuses on the interesting parts of videos

Jeddah – Nermin Al-Sayed – The technical website “The Verge” explained that YouTube will highlight the parts of the “most repeat” videos in the web player and mobile applications. The feature was previously available as a trial for YouTube Premium subscribers but is rolling out to all users today. The user will be able to […]

Party in Riyadh

Published on : 08/05/2022 – 00:16 Since 2016, the Saudi authorities have wanted to diversify their economy, which is too dependent on oil, and are pulling out all the stops to develop another sector: that of entertainment. Partying legally in Riyadh has become possible in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of people in the middle […]

Shocking.. the reaction of a family who met their son from Amjad Youssef’s video

Khabarni – The families and friends of the victims of the Tadamon massacre, south of Damascus, began to identify the faces of some of the victims who appeared in the leaked video of the massacre, which was published by an investigation prepared by two researchers, and a report was published by The Guardian newspaper, documenting […]

Demonstration in Kabul against the treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran

Published on : 13/04/2022 – 09:50 On Tuesday, dozens of Afghans demonstrated in Kabul against Iran. They denounce the mistreatment inflicted on Afghan refugees. The anger escalated after the broadcast on social networks of several videos showing Afghans being beaten by people like Iranians. With our correspondent in Kabul, Sonia Ghezali Several videos are circulating […]

Prime Minister Imran Khan dodges a no-confidence motion and dissolves Parliament

First modification: 04/04/2022 – 05:34 The prime minister was dismissed according to national laws, after the dissolution of the National Assembly and the call for early elections announced this Sunday and after Parliament rejected a motion of censure against the president. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was dismissed from his post on Sunday, […]

Minutes before its launch .. Behind the scenes of the final episode of the Dom program “Video”

/688346/minutes before-its-launch-behind-the-scenes-the-final-episode-of-the-domes-program-video The last episode of the Dom program will be showing the Stars Gate program shortly, on the evening of the seventh day, corresponding to the 26th of March, in which the names of the winners in the three categories of acting, singing and presenting programs will be announced. The final jury has promoted […]

MPs try again to elect president amid boycott calls

Published on : 26/03/2022 – 11:32 Six months after the early legislative elections of October 2021, Iraqi deputies are called upon to elect the President of the Republic on Saturday. A first attempt had taken place at the beginning of February and had failed due to calls for a boycott. This new trial could suffer […]