“‘Drunk Driving’ Kim Sae-ron’s passenger is Daniel Kang”… outrageous rumors

A YouTuber uses thumbnails to mosaic photos related to Kim Sae-ron and Kang DanielSuspicions have been raised online that ‘Isn’t Daniel Kang a passenger?’Police “The passenger was a non-celebrity woman… Review of allegations of aiding and abetting drunk driving Actor Kim Sae-ron Instagram capture While actress Kim Sae-ron was charged with violating the Road Traffic […]

If anxiety attacks for no reason … you should suspect generalized anxiety disorder

If you have trouble concentrating on your studies or work due to worry and anxiety, easily fatigued, or suffer from insomnia for a long time, you need to suspect generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that causes a variety of physical and mental symptoms due to unexplained anxiety or excessive anxiety. Typical […]

HOT releases remastered music video for hit song “Full Of Happiness” –Kstyle

Photo = SM Entertainment A remastered music video of HOT’s hit song “Full Of Happiness” has been released. SM Entertainment released a remastered music video of “Full Of Happiness” through YouTube’s SMTOWN channel today (19th) as part of the “Remastering Project”. The remastered version of the music video is popular because it is bright and […]