Jin’s beauty is unique and her predebut photos prove it

The members of BTS have been recognized for many reasons and Jin has stood out especially for their beauty, which is natural and unique, and their pre-release photos prove it. Through his music, BTS has been able to conquer millions of hearts around the world, with its cute messages, catchy rhythms and lyrics that come […]

Old photos that will make you remember the beginning of the group

It does not matter that you have not been ARMY from the beginning, every fan of the idol group feels great pride to see how much they have evolved and that is why today we will remember the beginning of BTS and their looks with photos. It has been eight years since BTS arrived for […]

World class pianist Seong-Jin Cho plays in Erkelenz

November 10, 2021 at 5:10 am On Monday in the town hall : World class pianist plays in Erkelenz The 27-year-old Seong-Jin Cho has lived in Berlin since 2017. Photo: City of Erkelenz Erkelenz The South Korean Seong-Jin Cho will play in the city hall on Monday evening. The 27-year-old rose to fame in 2015 […]


Download and stream ⇒ https://THERAMPAGE.lnk.to/LITD_DLSTR RAMPAGE The most refreshing music video in history is ready! “Baitoru PRO” TV commercial …