5 Eating Habits That Help Prevent Diabetes, Not Just Avoid Sugar

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Eating habits are certainly the most important thing to maintain the rate blood sugar. In order to manage it, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as follow eating habits to prevent diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is a chronic health problem that causes high levels of sugar to build up […]

Search for radioactive capsule in Australia | News from all over the world

In Western Australia, authorities are searching for a radioactive capsule that was lost in transit from a mining site. The capsule, which is only six by eight millimeters in size, is said to be located somewhere on a 1400-kilometer stretch between a mine north of the mining town of Newman and Malaga, a suburb of […]

a disease far from being eradicated, but still neglected

Despite existing treatments, leprosy continues to infect thousands of people every year. Faced with this disease, which mainly affects poor countries, research is continuing, but few laboratories devote funds to it. Mathias Duck, a 44-year-old Paraguayan chaplain, already knew about leprosy, having worked in a hospital dedicated to the sick. However, when he himself was […]

Streptococcal outbreak in children: when should you intervene as a parent?

Watch out for streptococci, reports the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. This season there has been a remarkable upsurge of the bacteria, with noticeably more young children having to be admitted to hospital. But what are those streptococci actually? And when should you go to the doctor? 1. What Are Streptococci? ‘This is a […]