Famous men demonstrate how to wear painted nails

Wearing a good manicure is not only a women’s thing, but also mens have shown that it is to their liking to wear the nails done and with some striking designs. And although some have been criticized for this, it is not an impediment for famous resort to ‘nail art’. Celebrities demonstrate how to wear […]

Lidia Bedman, like never before, dressed as a gypsy with Santiago Abascal

The ‘influencer’ Lidia Bedman and her husband, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, have taken advantage of this bridge with a holiday in Madrid to head to Andalusia. The marriage, faithful to Spanish traditions, has been enjoying the Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fátima in the Sevillian municipality of Los Molares. What is striking about […]

Niurka reveals romance with actor Osvaldo Ríos in House of the famous

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 15.05.2022 11:26:38 the house of the famous It has been the reality of the alliances of Laura Bozzo, the return of louis the colt Caballero and the reunion of several former couples from the Mexican show business, such as Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerbonibut the actors were not the only […]

Celebrities are seen by the real of the Jerez Fair

Miguel Guerrero Jerez de la Frontera Updated:05/14/2022 08:58h Save The open nature of horse Fair It allows Jerez locals and visitors to end up dancing a sevillana with any stranger. Or, even, with some familiar face from the world of television, politics, football… Every year, numerous celebrities get their albero shoes stained when they go […]

This is how Schwarzenegger answered when asked why he goes to the gym at 75

The famous american youtuber Logan Paul recently interviewed actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. From this meeting, one of the questions that Paul asked his guest, related to his physical training, has been widely commented on. “¿Why do you keep going to the gym?? You know, to 75 years. I mean, you’ve already done […]

a million dollar diamond watch

Related news Cristiano Ronaldo (37 years old) has been in the elite of world football for years. Thanks to this he has become one of the highest paid players and the owner of exclusive collections. One of the most famous is that of cars, thanks to which it has grabbed hundreds of headlines. As seen […]

Celebrities show that they are “Inseparable” – Diario de Querétaro

Love is in the air and on the playground too! The third season of the reality show Inseparable, love to the limit he returned to television with Mauricio Barcelata as the new driver. There are ten famous couples who on this occasion participate in various games and physical activities to win a succulent prize of […]

they travel to their favorite resting place

Related news They go through one of the most complicated stages of your lifebut they are more united than ever. Cristiano Ronaldo (37 years old) and Georgina Rodríguez (28) enjoy their first vacation in Portugal after the birth of little Bella Esmeralda and after the death of their twin. The couple has traveled to the […]

Celebrities in politics – Millennium Group

It is unavoidable. When someone has had a career in entertainment and one day chooses to run for political office, the reactions will be fierce. I understand. Many of those who do so are nothing more than recruits from political parties in a desperate attempt to gain registration or votes, due to people’s recognition of […]