Actor TP at Gandhi Bhavan Navya Nair gets emotional after seeing Madhavan; Video

TP, a senior actor, is staying at Gandhi Bhavan, Pathanapuram. Actress Navya Nair is emotional after seeing Madhavan. Navya said that he had acted with her in many films and she did not know that Chettan lived here. Navya was speaking after receiving the Best Actress award at the Gandhi Bhavan Rural Film Institute Film […]

A salute to Mammootty with his thumb folded inwards: Bhadran

Director Bhadran praises Bhishma Parvam and Mammootty Bhadran described Mammootty’s performance as “controlling the wind that blows through the flute”. Bhadran’s words: Bhishma Parvam The movie was seen yesterday. The theme is drinking. This drinking will be repeated from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. So, I can not say […]

Some tried to make a bad impression on CBI5: K.S. Madhu

Director K Madhu has revealed that some people tried to create a negative impression on the fifth part of the CBI and that it went to a certain extent. However, K. Madhu said that Sethuramayya survived all this and was accepted by people all over the world. He was speaking at a reception held at […]

‘Avatar 2’ teaser leaked; Video

The movie ‘Avatar 2’ teaser awaited by movie lovers all over the world. The HD best teaser has just hit the internet. Earlier, the teaser of Avatar 2 was shown in theaters alongside the 3D movie Doctor Strange in the Multi Worlds of Madness. It is clear from the teaser that James Cameron, who took […]

Translation in LEO’s English ⇔ German Dictionary

Enable JavaScript for more features and faster querying. Nouns::Adjectives::Verbs::Examples::Grammar::Discussions:: Grammar Two objectsWith some verbs that are used with two objects, the preposition to or for can optionally be omitted. Two objectsWith some verbs that are used with two objects, the preposition to or for can optionally be omitted. Different actions were going on at the […]

Avian Influenza Case in Humans Occurs in the US, Infected During Poultry Culling

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – First case bird flu Human H5 reported in the United States appeared in someone in Colorado, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) said Thursday, April 28, 2022. The person tested positive for the bird flu virus A(H5) and was involved in culling poultry suspected of being infected with bird flu […]

5 Interesting Facts about Man City Vs Real Madrid: Benzema Carves Various Records – Manchester City win 4-3 over Real Madrid in the first leg of the semifinals Liga Champions 2021-2022. Competition Man City vs Real Madrid has been held at the Etihad Stadium, Wednesday (27/4/2022) early morning WIB. Kevin De Bruyne (2′), Gabriel Jesus (11′), Phil Foden (53′) and Bernardo Silva (74′) scored four of Man […]