Natural bodybuilder Jens Berthold returns to his hometown of Neukirchen

Beginnings in the youth room Jens Berthold began bodybuilding as a teenager after Diskobesuch had been beaten up: “I then said to myself with my thin little arms: This will never happen to you again in your life.” Since there were no fitness studios in the GDR at that time, he trained at home, doing […]

Yoandri Lopetegui, second in the Spanish Cup

Yoandry Lopetegui, from the Masters Gym in Maó, played a great role last weekend in the WAABA Spanish Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup, which was held at the Tarragona Trade Fair and Conference Center, where he won a runner-up and a third place in his category. The event, which also meant the debut of Lopetegui, who […]

“Getting Stronger” mit Bodybuilding-Legende Bill Pearl

Bodybuilder Bill Pearl is a legend. He won five times the title Mr. Universe and received the 2004 ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger Lifetime Achievement Award’. After retiring from playing, he ran several gyms on the US West Coast and published three books. (Read more about the exceptional athlete here: ‘Obituary Bill Pearl’) The book “Getting stronger. Weight […]

Brazilian bodybuilder dies after injecting oil into his biceps

Brazilian bodybuilder dies Vladir, who was inspired by Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a fictional character like The Hulk, injected himself with life-threatening oil for years in an effort to get his dream body. This oil is called Synthol. They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like it. I doubled […]