Selena Gomez appears unfiltered in the trailer for her documentary My Mind & Me

Selena Gomez is the subject of an Apple TV + documentary scheduled for November 4. The 30-year-old artist who makes mental health a real struggle reveals himself as never before. On Tuesday, September 20, Apple TV+ released the trailer for the Selena Gomez documentary titled Selena Gomez :My Mind & Me, which covers the last […]

Actress Rose Byrne tries to explain what the Apple TV app is

The Apple TV application has always suffered from many problems with ergonomics, interface and use. And things didn’t get any better with the launch of Apple TV+ and the ability to subscribe to streaming services, which added clutter and a layer of complexity to the app. Rather than bothering to improve things, Apple preferred to […]

Access cut off to OQEE on Apple TV due to a connection problem

OKAY, Free’s television service, has not been accessible to at least some Apple TV users since yesterday. The problem has been identified by Free, which reports a connection problem related to the TV Provider functionality. This function enables automatic connection to the operator’s TV service… except when it is down. OKAY Free has indicated on […]