Missing Martin from Varna found dead

Martin from Varna, who disappeared more than 10 days ago, was found dead. This was announced by his sister on social networks, where she had earlier made an appeal for his search. Here is what she wrote: It is with great sadness that I announce that my little brother is no more. Thank you very […]

Did a camera capture the missing Emil Boev from Pernik?

A new trace of the missing Emil Boev from Pernik. The man was caught on camera walking in the direction of the forest above the city, it was reported NOVA. Volunteers, relatives and friends of the man leave for the place. They are calling for people with thermal imaging cameras to join the search.

Italian media told about Ivan from Plovdiv, who died while working in Sardinia

Ivan Hristozov, 38, died in a tragic accident at his workplace in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, on December 5. More than a month and a half later, the Roman daily “Republika” devoted an article to him, so that his story would not remain only as part of the “banal statistics”. The tragic incident […]

He runs regularly, refused to study, probably takes drugs

17-year-old Lyubomira Georgieva, one of the three girls who disappeared from a family-type crisis accommodation center in Varnaruns away not for the first time, her mother Stanislava Georgieva told BNT. She said the teenager was placed in the center last year because of systematic running away from home and suspected drug use. A year ago, […]

They were very wrong about who they talked to

They were very wrong about who they talked to. All the people who care about Bulgaria now have a powerful ally in Nexo. Antoni Trenchev, the co-founder of the crypto company Nexo, said this in an emotional interview on the “120 Minutes” program on BTV. He is one of the four accused in the case, […]