Argentine film series, free and online, organized by the Cinemateca and the Sala Lugones

The Leopoldo Lugones room and the Fundación Cinemateca Argentina organized the cycle “Argentine, classic and modern cinema”, which in online edition began yesterday Tuesday on the platform of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture: and the website of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex, Within the framework of the 71st anniversary of the Cinemateca … Read more

‘Bricomanía’ and ‘Decogarden’ say goodbye to television “temporarily”

Two emblematic spaces, with more than five decades of history, say goodbye “temporarily” to television: DIY Y Decogarden, which until now could be seen in Nova. As explained by its production company Bainet in a statement, it would be “an obligatory decision imposed by clippings from the television network, after suffering the important economic consequences … Read more

Craze for velor tracksuit, Crors and second-hand clothing

Mobility restrictions have caused clothing sales to drop but people are still looking, wanting and, although to a lesser extent, buying. But what? In these weeks there has been an increase of 104% in second-hand garments and accessories and accessories. “The term ‘vintage fashion’ has generated almost an average of more than 35,000 monthly searches … Read more

Mara Maionchi positive at Covid: her husband Alberto Salerno explains how she is

28 October 2020 Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues After hospitalization for Coronavirus of Mara Maionchi, the husband Alberto Salerno reveal how she is. A few days ago a message appeared on the presenter’s Instagram profile. “The hospitalized Mara: a slide! – had written his staff – […] Dear all. Thanks for … Read more

Betrand Peto has a crush on Anneth Idol, Ruben Onsu threatens his son’s trial page all

JAKARTA, – Often paired with a duet, the closeness of the singer Betrand Peto and Anneth Delliecia the more widely discussed. Seeing this, Bertrand’s father Ruben Onsu spoke up. Ruben would like to have the opportunity to speak with Bertrand publicly about this. Also read: Lyrics and Chord Song Bulan Bintang from Betrand Peto … Read more

On the last day of her term at City Hall, Gabriela Firea announces the termination of a contract for 100 trolleybuses in Turkey

The Capital City Hall has started the procedure for terminating the contract regarding the acquisition of 100 trolleybuses from Turkey, a decision announced on the last day when Gabriela Firea is still the mayor of Bucharest, informs Agerpres. Nicusor Dan, the elected mayor, will take the oath in the new position on Thursday, October 29. … Read more