Zlín hockey players want to be better than last year. Participation in the playoffs will be a success, says the head of Aries

Václav Šálek, ČTK

“The goal of each team is, of course, to win the title. But we will consider the season a success when we get to the playoffs, “said the head of the club and the mayor of Zlín Jiří Korec.” I trust our team.

The head coach of the Rams, Robert Svoboda, expects a dynamic extra-league year. “The system of the highest competition, from which the last team will come down and the penultimate one is waiting for a playoff, promises a huge drama. We play four times at home from the opening five rounds. We want to use it and build a point cushion, “he plans.

We will play hockey, which will hurt the opponent, emphasizes coach Vítkovic Holaň

The Zlín jersey will no longer be worn by Nosek, who ended his career. Another defender, Řezníček, moved to Olomouc. The attacker Dufek went to Mladá Boleslav, Ondráček to České Budějovice and Herman to Přerov. The defenses of the Aries, on the other hand, were strengthened by the 2010 world champion Němec, who worked in Brno and Sparta last season, and Trška z Kometa. The forward Mikúš came from Karlovy Vary and Hejcman from Přerov. “They all fit perfectly into the cabin and some of them immediately became the team leaders,” is looking forward to sports manager Martin Kotásk. “At the moment, we consider the staff to be closed.

After Žižek, who extended his career for another year, forward Tomáš Fořt became the captain of the Moravian team. “I’m glad the boys chose me. I’ve told myself in the cabin before, so it won’t change that much for me. I believe that we will finally be successful with the fans in the back. On the positive side, the form of our team has been constantly increasing in the preparatory matches. We will do our best not to fulfill the forecasts of various experts that Zlín will be much lower in the table. It is a motivation for us to finish in the new season as high as possible, “said Fořt.



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