Zinedine Zidane’s Video Shows God’s Skills Vs Tokyo Verdy


While still playing first, Zinedine Zidane Never faced a Japanese club Tokyo Verdy. Here Zidane shows off his god skills to make beautiful goals.

Name Tokyo Verdy is being talked about in Indonesia. The Japanese club, which is currently playing in the J2 League, has just officially signed the Garuda Squad player, Pratama Ahsan.

Tokyo Verdy itself is one of the Sakura Country clubs that is full of history and has its own contribution to the development of the country’s football competition.

Almost two decades ago, Tokyo Verdy had the opportunity to test Zidane’s skills, who at that time defended Real Madrid. The duel took place during El Real’s tour to Japan in 2004.

In that match, Zidane showed off extraordinary individual skills. Among them was Zidane Turn, who outwit two defenders of Tokyo Verdy, then tricked the goalkeeper to score a goal for El Real.



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