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[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, November 24, 2022]On the evening of November 23, Zhengzhou Foxconn’s large-scale employee protests continued. Tens of thousands of employees confronted a large number of armed police and forced them to retreat. However, many employees were injured, their heads were broken, and more than 40 employees were arrested. At present, the protest is still going on, and the government has mobilized a large number of armed police from other places to Zhengzhou to suppress it.

Large-scale protests broke out at Foxconn in Zhengzhou on the 22nd. On the evening of the 23rd, fierce confrontations between protesting employees and the police continued. Videos posted on the Internet showed tens of thousands of employees moving towards the gate of the factory, many armed with long sticks, steel pipes and iron fences, approaching a large number of armed police. The workers kept throwing steel pipes and other objects, forcing the special police officers holding shields back step by step.

Several other videos showed workers fighting fiercely with the police and trying to overturn a police car. Some workers set fire to objects at the gate to prevent the police from rushing in, and the police used high-pressure water cannons to extinguish the fire.

That night, fierce conflict broke out between the workers and the armed police. Some special police officers were chased and beaten, and escaped through the separation wall; Seeing this, some workers yelled: “You’re nothing, the Communist Party!” “The police are beating you!”

A number of workers said during the live broadcast of the protest video, “We were tricked by Foxconn. We didn’t want to cause trouble. We were defending our rights. They (the police) beat us. Several of us have already been beaten to lie down. I am in the hospital. Please help forward it, because we are all restricted, the network is blocked, and we cannot post it.”

The workers shouted: “Defend your rights! Defend your rights!”

The police fired tear gas to disperse the protesting workers. In the dark, someone shouted to call 120, and it was suspected that some workers were injured. The workers threw stones, took out fire extinguishers to fight back, and smashed vehicles and nucleic acid testing booths.

There are young Foxconn workers armed with long sticks, rushing to attack the CCP military police! Netizens praised: “The working class has awakened!”

Zhengzhou Foxconn used to have 300,000 employees. It experienced a large-scale employee exodus in October, and recently recruited new employees. It is currently impossible to count how many people participated in the protest. According to online videos, there may be tens of thousands of protesting workers.

Netizens said that this may be the largest protest movement in mainland China after the June 4th incident in 1989.

The CCP authorities forcibly blocked the news of the Foxconn protest in Zhengzhou. No mainland media reported it, and social media deleted a large number of posts. However, many mainland people still obtained relevant information through the Internet and supported the protesting workers.

According to the protesting workers, the reason for this protest was that Foxconn revised the contracts of new employees and required new employees to work with old employees who had been infected. Employees felt cheated, and mass protests erupted.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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