Zero electric motorcycles arrive in Romania through the Zeno Electric distributor

Zero produces efficient, fast and easy-to-drive electric motorcycles. Each motorcycle is optimized to benefit from the revolutionary Z-Force electric system and uses a rigid aluminum frame specially designed for aircraft to minimize vehicle weight.

The motorcycles are available in the Zeno Electric Store showroom located in Bucharest on Pipera Road no. 55C.

In addition to Zero motorcycles, in the showroom we find a wide range of exclusively electric vehicles such as: bicycles, scooters, underwater engines and accessories.

“Like many other European countries, Romania also faces the problem of heavy traffic and a large number of cars, so the need for a simpler, faster and more economical form of transport is greater than ever.

In Romania there is already a huge interest in electric vehicles among the new generation of urban citizens, which is very clearly reflected in the number of scooters and electric cars sold in recent years “- said Dan Popescu, Co-Founder Automotozen SRL.

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