ZEBRAHEAD releases new vocals for Chapter 3 2nd single “A Long Way Down”! A music video that makes you smile, shot at the latest overseas festivals! | Geki Rock News

ZEBRAHEAD, the 25th anniversary of the formation, released the digital single “A Long Way Down”, which is the second chapter of Chapter 3 with new vocals, on September 10th today!
The theme of this song is “Unrequited love song”. A song with a theme that expresses the feeling that you know it’s probably best to leave while you want to work, and ask yourself what you value and what you accept to be happy. It has become.
The zebra sound of this work is an unprecedented arrangement, combining pop and easy-to-listen sound and rap, and the voice quality of the new vocal Adrian Estrella. The theme is “Unrequited love song”, but it’s a positive energy song!
In addition, a music video has also been released!

zebrahead – A Long Way Down – Official Music Video
This work is composed of the footage of the appearance at the “Slam Dunk Festival” held in England the other day, and is a documentary-style and active music video featuring the members. Above all, we are happy to be able to perform at the music festival that ZEBRAHEAD, who likes live performances, has been waiting for, but we want to energize fans all over the world through this music video, and the message “I will definitely meet you live someday” is included. It’s a music video!
The comments from the members to the music video are as follows!

The A Long Way Down video symbolizes a new “beginning” in many aspects. This video is an opportunity for fans to experience the first live performance with new vocalist Adrian, as well as behind the scenes of their first performance since the pandemic. The video also shows the fusion of new and old friendships, what we love and do, show together, and meet friends and fans again.
Tab Ali Tabatabaee (Rap)

What I can say about music videos is that, in retrospect, it was a ridiculous experience. Also, I was able to understand more than before how special it was. Not only was I very happy to be able to resume playing as a band, but also how much the fans missed the live, and for me, this was the first time I had two live shows in this band, and there was a new one. The experience of bringing a lot of life and seeing the band members happy is something I want to cherish for the rest of my life. Probably one of the most memorable moments in my career.
―― Adrian Estrella (Vo)

This video is very meaningful to us and we wanted to share this experience with everyone. Not only was it the first show for Adrian, but the feeling of returning to normal and doing the show in front of you just a few minutes between the shows made me feel uplifted and impressed. It gave a lot of energy to the whole band. I hope this video gives you a little hope for your future “normal” life … it certainly worked for us.
―― Ben Osmundson(Ba)


▼ Release information
Digital single
「A Long Way Down」

Delivery isHere

Digital single
「Lay Me To Rest」
Delivery isHere

New EP
“Title TBD”
2021.11.26 ON SALE!!
* Details will be announced at a later date


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