Zanardi, the story of the filmmaker is perugino who filmed the incident. And makes a request on Facebook – Corriere dell’umbria

Nicola Uras

The moments before the‘accident of Alex Zanardion Friday , near Pienza, province of Siena, were documented in a video. The author of the movie is the filmmaker Alessandro Maestrini, 51 years old, journalist Perugia who has seen the terrible clash of the champion paralympian against a truck. Images are hard to forget, but that will probably be decisive in the conduct of the survey – to understand what happened, why, and how, Zanardi is in critical condition at the hospital Le Scotte in Siena.

In that video, acquired by the public Prosecutor of Siena, “there are the screams of Alex. Terrible, excruciating, bumpy, and then suffocated, a scene that I would never have wanted to see in my life,” he said The witness has denied – in an interview for the RaiNews24 – that Zanardi had a phone in his hand: he was driving with both hands on the handbike, then during the curve, “Zanardi lost control of the vehicle, the left wheel has made a movement to the abnormal, and the handbike has continued straight. Then it is flipped on the left side and crashed against the truck,” added the journalist. Who decided to make off with a post on Facebook: “I don’t want what happened to Alex is transformed into a catwalk for me.” And then to reaffirm that, “the truck driver has no responsibility in what happened and Alex was not filming with the mobile phone at the time of the accident”. Then a request: “my phone rings constantly, and if I answered at all I would not have more time to live, work and be with my family. Among other things, my smartphone is tied to a device, life saving a family member, please take this into account”.



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