‘Yumi’s Cells’ Jinyoung, Yubabi = Knowing Man Kim Go-eun Recognition Completed

‘Yumi’s Cells’ Yubabi appeared.

In Teabing’s original ‘Yumi’s Cells’, which aired on the 9th, Yumi (Kim Go-eun), who finally recognizes Yubabi (Jinyoung) as a ‘man who knows’, was drawn.

photo = tvN

As Yumi was walking around the park to find an umbrella, she ran into a man she didn’t know. To Yumi, who was surprised to know her name, the man introduced himself as “representative of Yubabi in the marketing department.”

He also pointed out that there is a one-to-one relationship, saying, “Last time, I asked for directions.” Among them, Sepphez was wary of Yumi thinking that Bobby was approaching her.

However, Yubabi didn’t care much and said, “Yeah, anyway, it’s nice to meet an employee who lives in the same neighborhood.” Then, to Yumi, who was about to turn around, she said, “Hey, didn’t you lose your umbrella? It looks like a fried egg.” he asked.

Surprised, Bobby said, “Oh, it’s right to remove that.” Yubabi said, “I’ll bring it to the accounting team tomorrow,” he said. “I didn’t know it was written under the handle.


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