YouTube star shares sweet family picture with baby – just love “

Bee look happy! One of Germany’s most successful influencers, Dagi Bee, became a mom for the first time a few weeks ago. She now shares the happiness of her family with her fans.

Bianca “Bibi” Claßen and Dagi Bee – these two women are Germany’s most successful influencers and reach an audience of millions on Instagram, YouTube and Co. And both have become mothers in the recent past. Bibi 2018 and 2020, Dagi on December 23, 2021 for the first time. And now, for the first time, she is showing a photo together with husband Eugen Kazakov and son Nelio.

Dagi shares a photo of herself and her husband with her 6.5 million Instagram followers. Both snuggle up to the little baby, which she holds in her arms and whom she presses an intimate kiss on the forehead. She does not show the little one’s face. In return, the new mom stole into the camera on a second picture within the contribution. She only writes “Family Kazakov” about the posting.

And this delights her fans. Because within just six hours, almost 300,000 subscribers of the influencer have given the family picture a Like. “Looks so tiny,” writes fellow influencer Mrs. Bella in the comments, but adds a heart emoji. “This picture just shows love,” typed Paola. And another user says: “Such a beautiful family!”

Dagi Bee first became known as the friend of YouTuber Liont, in whose videos she appeared every now and then. She has been publishing her own videos on fashion and cosmetics since 2012. Today the 27-year-old has almost four million subscribers on the video platform. More than six million fans follow her on Instagram.


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