YouTube: Santiago Ormeno scored in Puebla vs Monterrey for the MX League 3-1 Opening Tournament 2020 Juan Reynoso VIDEO

The appearance of Santiago Ormeño in the 2020 Opening Tournament of the MX League generated great comments in favor, although in recent weeks the wick got wet due to different circumstances. Despite the problems he faced, the scorer has managed to celebrate again and this time his victim was Monterrey.

The attacker did not start with Puebla in the visit to ‘Rayados’, but Juan Reynoso had no choice but to send him to the field after losing 2-0 at halftime. The second half generated constant attacks and ended up causing a penalty at 67 minutes. The manager could not be another.

Santiago Ormeño took the ball, put the responsibility on his back and prepared to execute the maximum penalty. Goalkeeper Hugo González stood under the three posts, with great confidence of being able to stop the Peruvian-Mexican soccer player’s shot, although he could do little in the launch.

The attacker finished close to the right post and inflated the nets for the 3-1 against Puebla, with time to shorten the advantage. The score also means his fifth cry so far in the contest, although still far from the top scorer in the MX League (Jonathan Rodríguez with 10 goals).

Let’s remember that Santiago Ormeño was diagnosed with coronavirus some time ago, which is why he was away from the fields for a few dates. That and the little continuity in his return made him extend his drought without scoring goals for a month and a half. The last time he had done it was on August 28 in a 4-1 win over Toluca.


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