YouTube is testing feature that downloads 20 algorithm-chosen videos weekly – Computer – News

that you don’t see less politically correct channels has to do with that, Id, they shadow ban a video / channel, and as far as I’m concerned, that practice can just stay. just like coronawappies, I’d rather not have a platform that actively facilitates them.

That is, of course, a very dubious attitude. “The algorithm” is of course written in such a way that it mainly looks at what keeps you longer on that platform. There are many things where you cannot distinguish between good and evil, but rather between opinion and preferences.

Of course, that algorithm doesn’t know how to make that distinction, so before you know it things like ‘nuclear power plant wappies’ or ‘windmill wappies’ or ‘albert heijn-wappies’ vs ‘jumbo wappies’ also exist.

When it comes to criminal matters, no discussion. But a dissenting opinion, even if it does not correspond to your opinion, the mainstream opinion, the woke opinion or the politically correct opinion is very dangerous to select for.

I don’t use the ‘recommended’ videos from Youtube at all, but of course this story applies in principle to every medium that uses such an algorithm (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc)

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