Young Stars are challenged in Breisgau

Friedrichshafen – After a two-week break, the Volley YoungStars in the 2nd Volleyball Bundesliga South will be back on the grid at FT 1844 Freiburg on Friday, October 8th, starting at 8 p.m. According to the association’s announcement, the preparation for this did not go completely smoothly.

“We’re fighting,” says trainer Adrian Pflegehar, summarizing the current situation at the federal base. Among other things, he is alluding to the situation in the hall. Because the exhibition hall is needed for the Fakuma, the YoungStars have to move to other halls.

Sometimes a third of the hall in the Lake Constance sports hall is too small for team training, sometimes the sun in the vocational school center is so blind that the start of training is delayed, and sometimes the time window of 45 minutes is not enough for a proper training session.

Adrian Pflegehar takes it – so the VfB – calmly: “We make the best of it and use every day that we can advance.” Progress with the mental strength to always get the best performance. Moving forward in athletics and moving forward in voting.

Voting in particular is not always easy for a team with a large number of squad players – who are required to take part in squad measures on weekends when there are no matches. Trainer Pflegehar attended a course for the three national teams from Baden-Württemberg in Albstadt.

There he took a close look at both his own players and potential young players for the next season. With regard to the game in Freiburg, the focus is not (yet) on the opponent, “we look at ourselves”, the base coach clarifies.

It has been very successful so far: The Häfler have won two of the three games so far. Fabian Hosch, Silvio Hellrigl, Lovis Homberger, Carl Möller, Philipp Herrmann, Felix Baumann, Anton Jung and Libero Simon Kohn want to build on this. Only in the short term will it be decided whether Milan Krvzic will be in Freiburg.

The player was on Wednesday for the “Erste” and may also be needed on the weekend. But whatever the line-up in Freiburg will look like, the guys from the federal base will fight.



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