Young people take care of the police operation – Rhein-Main-Neckar

Würzburg. A group of young people arranged for a larger police operation in the city area on Sunday evening. A 17-year-old was taken into custody for becoming increasingly aggressive and for disobeying a dismissal. He resisted enforcement, which left a police officer with an injury to his leg.

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At around 8.15 p.m. the police had received a message about a dispute in the area of ​​the station square. The patrol crews of the Würzburg-Stadt police station met a group of around ten young people there. The group immediately began to attack the officers deployed. In order to avoid criminal offenses and disorder, the police asked the young people to leave the station square. They obeyed the eviction only after the use of pepper spray had been threatened to enforce them.

Reluctantly, the young people started moving towards the city center. As a result of the group there was further aggression and provocations against uninvolved road users and passers-by in the area of ​​the X-ray ring. For this reason, the officials who had already been deployed requested additional support staff.

At Barbarossaplatz, the police finally took a 17-year-old into custody, who acted aggressively throughout the entire duration of the mission and repeatedly ignored a dismissal. Since he offered massive resistance, the officers used immediate coercion. A police officer injured his leg. He had to stop working and went to a hospital for treatment.

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On the drive to the office, the youth calmed down. He justified his aggression by saying that he was currently not taking his medication. After the police measures were over, he was released from custody and given to a legal guardian.

Ultimately, the Würzburg police succeeded in preventing further disruptions to security and order by the young people through gradual but also consistent intervention. A criminal investigation is now underway against the 17-year-old. pol



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