Young People Lies are thwarted even though Open BO Victims in East Jakarta are Suspects!


Aulia Rafiqi, a young man from Bogor, made a false report that he was a victim of robbery to the East Jakarta Metro Police. Though, he was actually deceived open BO. As a result of her actions, Aulia is now named a suspect.

“He has become a suspect,” said the East Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Erwin Kurniawan, Sunday (10/10/2021).

Erwin said Aulia was now being detained at the East Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters. Aulia was charged with Article 242 and Article 220 of the Criminal Code regarding making false reports.

“He has been detained. Allegations of providing information and or false oaths and or false complaints,” said Erwin.

The following is the sound of Article 220 and Article 242 of the Criminal Code:

Article 220: Anyone who informs or complains that a criminal act has been committed, even though he knows that it has not been committed, is threatened with a maximum imprisonment of one year and four months.

Article 242: Anyone in circumstances where the law requires to testify on oath or to give legal consequences to such evidence, knowingly gives false evidence on oath, either orally or in writing, personally or by his special authority appointed for it, was sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison.

Previously, Aulia Rafiqi admitted that he was electrocuted by a gang of gangsters. The incident, said Aulia, occurred in the Pondok Kopi area, East Jakarta.

The police also conducted an investigation. The location where Aulia claimed to have been robbed was also investigated by the police. From checking the location to checking Aulia, it was revealed that Aulia Rafiqi made a false report.

Until now, the police are still investigating Aulia Rafiqi’s motives in making the false report. From the video received, Aulia said that she had made a fictitious story.

“I hereby state that the report that I made at the East Jakarta Metro Police that I was ambushed and electrocuted by a person who claimed to be a police officer was a lie or a lie. hoax,” said Aulia in the video caption.

Turns out, Aulia actually lost her things due to a fight open BO. Full story on the next page.

Watch Video: Confessions of Youth Electrocuted by Begals at BKT who turned out to be victims of Open BO

[Gambas:Video 20detik]



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