‘You can have a Porsche and be famous, but if you don’t have a dream, you won’t be happy’

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Fear invades us because there are messages everywhere of it (war, pandemic…). If you don’t have emotional architecture, if you don’t base your life on values, you will surely live in An amusement parkin which you will be kidnapped by fear, sadness, anger, false joy and false love…” he assures Mayte Arizathe coach-mentoring who has registered a own method, to fill with dreams and change the future of the people who arrive at the door of his practice in Dream Factory.

Ariza made what she calls a “paradigm leap” by changing the world of communication in which she had settled for the coaching.

“I founded a communication agency years ago, but I realized that the journalism that I promulgated did not sell. He was talking about positivity, about good news… Now, people are beginning to talk about this, but not at that time. I started to communicate with values ​​for multinationals. What is known today as branded content I already did, and I found an interesting market niche”, he says.

Mentoring o coaching

“I say that I made a paradigm leap, towards the mentoring y coaching. The difference between the two is that a mentor has a methodology, while a coach is a coach. I apply a method, so I am also a mentor. I always say that I am a coach dreamer”, he concludes.

QUESTION: When did you start as a coach?

ANSWER: At one point in my life and with the agency open, communication is in crisis and I begin to wonder what would happen if instead of working with companies I worked with people… Much more interesting, but also more difficult.

I have lived eight years in Milan where I met a mentoring Japanese, which helped me a lot to eradicate suffering, because I was a woman who suffered a lot on a personal level.

Were the beginnings difficult?

I founded the company Dream Factory and it was at that moment, when I began to create the dream strategy, more holistic and directed to people. The first test I did with myself.

Actually, I am not a preacher, I am an example of what I say. My first experience was building the house of my dreams with values. And that is the Fuji Japanese architecture project that made me a pioneer in sustainability.

My house built in El Escorial, in Madrid, was declared an emblematic building by the Community of Madrid, at a time when no one was talking about sustainability. In the world of dreams, landing it costs, and to get there I think you need a strategy. Today, this house is studied at the University, since it is bioclimatic, ecobiological and sustainable.

War is a macro expression of the mental psychosis of one or more people, who believe they are owners and masters of the universe.

Defender of Dream’s Strategy what is it?

To achieve a dream, four fundamental keys are needed: Strategy, positioning, emotional architecture and leadership. Life is an Olympiad where you win or lose. Most people have no strategy to achieve their dreams.

I usually give my clients a flowchart and tell them that what happens outside has to happen inside you first. Each one has to train their mind to have powerful thoughts and strategic emotions because reason convinces, but emotion decides.

Some example…?

I recently worked with a Repsol executive who told me: “Ever since I met you, Mayte, I’ve been hooked on my sadness, and I’m the happiest man in the world.” It means that when I make people see their sadness, they stop positioning themselves in the loss, and transform sadness into evolution.

Who denies his sadness, denies his intelligence, because sadness is the only emotion connected to a part of the brain that governs language. And every emotion has a value. We have not been taught to have emotional intelligence. We are illiterate.

Emotions on the bench

The world of emotions has been on the bench for a long time. In companies it is frowned upon to show your emotions because it is the same as being weak, and it can lead to a stain on your resume.

Pride, for example, is an emotion unlike any other. When a person feels recognized they grow, but here we do not admire, but rather envy.

In my speech I teach that each one has those emotions placed in a way that favors them…

Tell us about your mentor Daisaku Ikeda, how did you meet him?

It made me open my eyes to this whole world. For me, it is one of the best things that have happened in my life. He leads a peace movement for which he was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize years ago. He lives in Tokyo and is 94 years old. His movement advocates the spread of peace in the world, through your own inner revolution. A person who conquers his own happiness does not make war, and this is an example of what we are seeing now…

How is sleep different from dreamer?

In the dictionary of the RAE it says that a dream is an illusion, a chimera, a hope with no possibility of being fulfilled. So the word dream takes you to a place of failure. And since I’m not going to fight with the academics, I’ve changed registration… Dreamer instead, they are the professional dreamers. For me, a dream is not an objective, because the objective and the goal have to do with having, and the dream with being. A dream is a seed implanted in your soul and helps you achieve your mission in life. my clients are dreamers because we do a job with a lot of value.

A dream is a seed implanted in your soul and helps you achieve your mission in life.

How can you aspire to greatness if you work on humility? Isn’t it contradictory?

Humility makes you great. There is a confusion between humility and false modesty. In Spain, in our generation we have been taught to be modest, “don’t say this… Be anonymous…”. Getting rid of these beliefs has cost me a lot.

I help people to be great, but not from vanity, narcissism, arrogance or pride, but from values. You have to achieve greatness by working on it from within. You have diamonds inside, take them out because the world needs them.

Is it difficult to dream today or talk about dreams with the one who is falling?

Very difficult, but now more than ever it is urgent, because we need people who dream and make their dreams come true. Those who dream do not make war, because they already have enough with what they find inside: Their own limits and fears, to worry about throwing stones at their neighbor or planting bombs on the border.

War is a macro expression of the mental psychosis of one or more people, who believe they are owners and masters of the universe.

You can have money, a Porsche at the door and be a famous person, but if you don’t have a dream, you’re not going to be happy. This has to do with self-realization. No matter what is outside, you can have well-being, but not happiness.

Who comes more to your sessions men or women?

Most are women, but there are 30% men, especially managers. The business world has engulfed the emotional world. These people have earned a lot of money, a lot of power, but they are single or divorced. They have tremendous anxiety.

What do we women need to achieve our goals and dreams?

As women we generally install ourselves in the place of the victim. We feel very victimized by circumstances, and this is an emotional dysfunction that generates manipulation. This positioning denigrates us as women. When we suffer abuse, we have to become aware of the responsibility we have to change the word of guilt for that of responsibility-ability. It means responding with a skill to what is happening to us. Victimhood is the bait for manipulation. For this reason, many victims go back to another abuser.

Maybe women have dreams, but no strategy?

Yes of course. We need a new way of thinking, of feeling, of speaking. Language constructs realities. Everything is part of the strategy that makes up the way of speaking, feeling, behaving and doing, because a dream without action is an illusion.

In addition to conferences in Spain, Europe and Latin America, you also offer individual sessions. You have worked with Rossy de Palma or Anibal Soto, Francis Montesinos…

Yes. I have worked with many celebrities. There are those who call me because they have a job stagnation. We work and a personal theme comes out, which by touching a key opens up to your professional benefit. To work on an inner level is to have courage.

How is your group work?

With my methodology I make a tailored suit, a map for each person. When I hold conferences, we connect with each other and help each other, and here I present a part of the method.

Now for example, I’m doing masterclass in Madrid, totally free, under the title: The strategy to achieve a dream. It’s barely 45 minutes, so it’s just a ‘cap’, but capable of waking up the dreamer that we carry inside, and then everyone wants their dream.


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