Home Tech Yoshimoto Entertainment Presenting the brilliance launched SUMMER BREEZE.

Yoshimoto Entertainment Presenting the brilliance launched SUMMER BREEZE.

by drbyos

April 21, 2021


Send the song ORANGE ROAD, reflecting the feelings of young dreamer girls, blowing the smiles of all 6 of them Mook, Ant, Pim, Minnie, Ginny and Pat.

Yoshimoto Entertainment Brilliance Debut SUMMER BREEZE Send music ORANGE ROAD Reflecting the feeling of a young dreamer

Yoshimoto Entertainment Thailand Ready to present bright New style POP Through the latest girl group this summer SUMMER BREEZE (Summer Breeze) The assembly of 6 Girl from 6 Different characters That comes with a bright smile and unique charm “Man Mook – Chadathandankul , Ant-Varinda Mound Add Phisut , Pim – Pimkajonvekin , Minnie-Mapichapakornkowin , Ginny-Chinnapha Apipat Jindasiri and Pat – Apirum Charoenthaitawee ” With the first single in the song ORANGE ROAD (Orange Road) That both girls 6 Pearl curtain, Tant, Pim, Minnie, Ginny and Pat It was concluded that it was a lonely, but not sad song that might have smiled when we were reminded of the past love events. When listening, it gives a feeling of the evening atmosphere, the sky is orange in time Golden Hour The most beautiful time of the day Which they both 6 I want to communicate this song as a comforting and encouraging group of friends who come to make smiles and say that In the end it will pass

Pearl curtain The band representative said. By song content ORANGE ROAD Intended to convey the feelings of a heartbroken teenager The title of the song is inspired by a street scene covered in orange in the evening sun. It is a time when the scenery is beautiful but it will pass quickly. Like the first love of adolescents, the beginning of happiness often passes quickly. Then left as beautiful memories This feeling is conveyed by a poem in a descriptive way. Reflect the feeling of a young dreamer .. Out

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Tant Adding to the highlight of this song Outstanding with a soundtrack with a touch of City Pop 80’s music. Feel the atmosphere of yesterday, still sweet. By the process of work we ourselves get involved. Like sharing ideas The design, singing, etc. SUMMER BREEZE Will open another perspective of artists, our girl groups focus on being entertainers Courage to think, express and be yourself When the summer breeze blows The moments of happiness, laughter, tears, loneliness come back to make us smile with those stories. And ready to step out to meet the charm of summer again Please follow our work.

It’s time for the breeze of this summer to blow all their smiles. 6 Pearl curtain, Tant, Pim, Minnie, Ginny and Pat send happiness to their fans. And listeners to prove their identity SUMMER BREEEZE (Summer Breeze) With music ORANGE ROAD  (Orange Road) Can be listened to on every channel Either way Apple Music / iTunes / Spotify / JOOX / Deezer / YouTube Music andtraceNews information, updates, works SUMMER BREEEZE on Youtube: Summer Breeze Line TV: Summer Breeze Instagram:summerbreezeofficialth Facebook : SummerBreezeOfficialTH Twitter : SummerBreezeOfficial TikTok: summerbreezeofficialLink Youtube : Summer Breeze  #SummerBreeze#OrangeRoad#The1stsingle#tpop

Link MV ORANGE ROAD  (Orange Road) > https://youtu.be/zIsEV1xrEIA

Best regards / Ask for more information DongPR 086-9977008 / (Id line) Superdong14


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