Several discounters are currently affected by a Germany-wide recall. It’s about a popular yogurt.

Dortmund – Again and again Supermarkets and Discounter from Product recalls affected. Then you have to be careful, because who the recall ignored, risked his health to endanger. Now are the discount stores Lidl, Aldi and Penny from a big one recall affected.

Company Ehrmann
Headquarters Oberschönegg
founder Alois Ehrmann
founding 1920
Number of employees 2400

Recall from Aldi, Lidl and Penny: Ehrmann recalls popular yogurt

Aldi has just been affected by a major recall, the discounter is currently warning against cheese. And now it hits again Aldi and also the discount store colleagues Lidl and Penny.

The well-known Ehrmann is currently calling yogurt from Almighurt back. This yogurt is also available in Supermarkets how Edeka or Rewe to buy, however, are loud Ehrmann only batches of the recall concerned that at Aldi, Lidl and Penny were on sale.

Recall of Almighurt – variety “Raspberry” is affected

This yogurt from Ehrmann is from recall affected:

  • Variety “raspberry”
  • Almighurt in a 150 gram cup
  • Best before date October 29, 2020
  • Batch number 1001151131

Ehrmann indicates that other varieties or yogurts with other batch numbers not from that recall are affected. They can be eaten safely.

Many Germans will probably have the affected yogurt in their fridge.

© Ehrmann

Recall of yogurt: Metal parts can cause internal injuries

The from recall affected Almighurt-Joghurt however, under no circumstances should it be eaten. Ehrmann cannot rule out the possibility of being isolated in the product Metal parts are located.

Customersthat the yogurt still eat, risk injuring themselves and theirs health to endanger. consumer should the recall loud Ehrmann be sure to note (more Service-News at

Foreign bodies out metal can be too serious Injuries in the mouth and throat, like reported. In the worst case, they can internal injury or bleeding cause.

Aldi, Penny and Lidl reimburse the purchase price for the recalled yogurt

The affected products are currently actively participating in sales Aldi, Penny and Lidl taken. Anyone who is one of the affected yogurts found in the refrigerator, it should definitely hand back.

Of the Ehrmann yoghurt can at Aldi, Penny or Lidl be returned and the purchase price will be the Customers refunded. In addition, the template is a Cash vouchers not necessary (further Recalls and warnings at

Video: Why are there more and more recalls?

Customers who are now unsure and have further questions can contact the free service hotline from Ehrmann report on 0800-3476266. The customer service is available 24/7.

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