Yewwi Askan Wi Coalition: Khalifa Sall casts a wide net

The Yewwi Askan Wi coalition has not yet reached its majority; it still wants to grow. Indeed, Khalifa Sall, one of its leaders, is still reaching out to other opposition political parties and civil society organizations that have not yet joined the coalition. He does not despair of bringing in parties and coalitions of parties that refuse, for the moment, to join their coalition.

Now united and united in action, we continue to reach out to opposition parties, civil society organizations and all the forces of the Nation ”, writes Khalifa Sall on her Facebook page.

Joining the deed to the word, he decided to go to meet the opposition parties which have not yet joined the coalition, according to a member of his entourage. “He knows that a regrouping of all the opposition will not fail to create“ some problems ”at the time of the investitures. But he remains convinced that a large opposition coalition can triumph in local elections ”, indicates our source who refuses, however, to quote the political leaders that Khalifa Sall Sall has met and that he seeks to bring back to “better feelings”.

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