Yee Wah-Joke covers the song “Die For You” meets Singto Numchok, comment “Fat Mak Luk”

It’s really a tree that doesn’t fall far from the tree. For “Yiwa” The eldest daughter of the young singer Joke-Kornpop Chancharoen former lead singer So Cool Father Sai Ha is in a good mood. Recently, Yiwa posted a cover “Die For You” hit songsCatching up with the viral trend from the artist R&B like The Weeknd

The clip was posted on the YouTube Brathida and other social channels on September 5past which the clip has given fans the opportunity Get the skill of transmitting Yi Wah’s international songs, with Father Joke playing support music.

After the clip was published This made the stars come to comment, greatly admiring the skill and singing voice of Nong Yi Wa. one of them is Singto Namchok (Namchok Tanatram) It can be said that he likes the most, even sharing a clip of Nong Yi Wa on Facebook and writing a caption that is very encouraging to his nephew. “Flick, flick, flick, flick, flick, flick!!!”

past Yi Wah has brought content about singing.songLet’s post on the YouTu Brathida TV periodically, such as a clip of her singing GONE of Rosé (Rosé) band members BLACKPINK and dance music “WANNABE of the K-pop idol group is hot ITZY There are some clips where she sings with professional artists like Som-Marie Eugenie Le Lay and Kong Huai Rai (Akkadet Yodchampa) With which many clips, a younger sister like Yoo Jin also stopped bysinkfrom time to time


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