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Xiaomi warns of a price increase on its televisions – Xiaomi News

by drbyos

Although the shortage of chips will soon start a small increase in the price of smartphones, TVs don’t seem to get rid of the current situation either. So much so that Xiaomi has already officially announced a new readjustment in the price of its televisions.

As explained by Xiaomi, the global market demand coupled with the epidemic, the shortage of chips and the exchange rate, will cause some of your TVs to see a further price increase in order to adjust to the cost of manufacture.

At first, These changes will only affect, at least for now, the Asian market. Still, it would not be surprising if we finally also see an increase in the price of Xiaomi televisions in Europe and practically any other country where they have officially arrived.

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1, one of the latest televisions of the firm.

As the firm has added, this new readjustment will be linked with their own televisionsas well as with the wide range of televisions that already makes up its sub-brand cheaper, that is, Redmi.

It should be noted that this statement comes just after other brands such as Samsung O SONY, have also announced their own price readjustment. The same occurs with the smartphones of the main companies, establishing an increase of around 5-10%.

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