Xiaomi prohibits the sale of its smartphones in 5 countries. Block cell phones due to non-compliance with export laws

Xiaomi began to block its cell phones in countries where it does not have an official presence, this to comply with export laws. Previously, the company had already prohibited the sale of its cell phones in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan, however, the measure that it was decided to take now is to block smartphones. Even phones that were bought abroad, when entering those countries could be blocked. This measure is specified in the Xiaomi terms and conditions section.

In section 14.2 it is reported that the device cannot be sent to any prohibited country unless it obtains the necessary export licenses.. Also, purchase for resale or transfer is not allowed. All devices must be purchased for each customer’s own use. It was a few days ago that a user reported on Reddit that Xiaomi began blocking smartphones in Cuba, a place where the brand is very popular. Later it was learned, through social networks, that the same situation was occurring in Syria.

Device blocking is really relevant since it prevents the use of cell phones. When a phone is disabled, the black screen appears accompanied by some messages such as: “Xiaomi’s policy does not allow the sale or provision of the product in the territory where it was attempted to activate. Please contact the seller directly for additional information ”. At the moment it is unknown if they are only isolated cases or if Xiaomi will begin to block all devices that are in these regions. User observations report that only the latest smartphones are being blocked, as he has a Redmi Note 8 (Indian variant) has not been affected.

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