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Xbox Game Pass + xCloud: Microsoft continues to plan services for other consoles

by drbyos

Microsoft has apparently not given up on bringing its in-house game streaming service xCloud and thus the Xbox Game Pass to other consoles. Leaked correspondence with Epic Games suggests this.

The legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple unearths quite a few interesting details from the game industry – including Microsoft. E-mails have now been leaked between Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Epic boss Tim Sweeney, in which it was initially about the online multiplayer in free-to-play titles like Fortnite without a paid subscription like Xbox Live Gold enable. In this respect, it can be seen that Epic Games had an impact on Microsoft in this regard well before the recently introduced change. Spencer promised this change back in August 2020 – long before the current introduction.

Separately from this, Spencer also underlined another, quite interesting plan in his answer last summer: Microsoft has not given up on its own game streaming service xCloud and ultimately also the Xbox Game Pass game subscription on other consoles. Rumors about the Xbox Game Pass, for example on the Switch, have already existed in the past and even PlayStation ambitions can hardly be denied Microsoft.

The mail is about Apple’s controversial business policy, which does not make xCloud possible on iOS devices natively via app, but instead force Microsoft to use a web-based solution that is now in a test phase and appears to be working. Nevertheless one is willing “at the highest levels of Microsoft” to fight against this business policy in order to expand one’s own possibilities.

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They support the position of Epic Games and have “not yet given up on bringing xCloud to other consoles”. xCloud is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and currently supports PC, iOS and Android. If that actually happened, the Xbox Game Pass game subscription would also be available, for example, on competing consoles – via streaming.

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