Xbox: 10 games to watch in February 2023

Xbox: 10 games to watch in February 2023

If you’ve got an Xbox, whether it’s a One or a Series X|S, then you should have plenty to do for the whole month of February: it’ll be home to a whole host of interesting games, from big AAAs to smaller indie titles that worth the detour. We have just compiled the most interesting releases of the coming weeks.


  • Deliver Us Mars
  • Clash : Artifacts of Chaos
  • Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy
  • Wanted : Dead
  • Wild Hearts
  • Atomic Heart
  • Like a Dragon: They were!
  • Blood Bowl 3
  • Kerbal Space Program 2
  • Destiny 2 : Lightfall

Deliver Us Mars

It was in 2019 that Frontiers Development and KoekeN Interactive offered Deliver Us the Moon, an adventure and puzzle game that took place, as its name suggests, on the moon: an experience that had garnered good reviews, at least enough to motivate the two firms to concoct a sequel that will aim… further, literally. Because this time direction the red planet and in the skin of Kathy Johanson, an astronaut whose mission is to recover the ARCHES ships, stolen by the company Outward. The problem is that these vessels contain what is left of humanity and therefore our entire species depends on them. The opportunity to cross many Martian settings with platform, but also “mental and physical challenges” as the developers promise us and even almost photorealistic graphics. A little game that arouses real excitement.

Clash : Artifacts of Chaos

Among the UFOs of the month of February, Clash : Artifacts of Chaos probably at the top of the list. This is a nag action game developed by ACE Team, a Chilean studio, which puts us in the shoes of Pseudo. The latter is a creature specializing in martial arts, living recluse in the bizarre land of Zenozoïk. His destiny changes when he meets the Child, another little monster endowed with mysterious powers: together, they will lead a colorful journey in a universe that is both punk and fantasy, halfway between a Borderlands and Abe’s Odyssey. On the other hand, as for the genre of the game itself, it has nothing to do since we are on a kind of naughty beat them all, where Pseudo chains combos with fists and dodges to put down all his wacky opponents. Even stranger, before the fights, we must challenge the opponent with a set of dice whose winner will be able to define the conditions of the confrontation. It is for all these somewhat strange ideas that we must watch this software scheduled for February 9th.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Definitely the most anticipated game of this month. Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is not just any project: it is the most ambitious Harry Potter title in the history of video games. In development for years and years in the corridors of a studio with heavy responsibilities, the ambitions are great and promising: those of offering a gigantic open world in the Castle of Hogwarts and all its surroundings, which can be explored on foot, by broom or on the back of a hippogriff. And even better, in the skin of a schoolboy that we will have created from scratch, whose house we will have chosen and whose path we can choose, whether it is on the side of good or evil! For millions of fans, it’s an absolute childhood dream, and it also offers a completely new story set… at the end of the 19th century. We tell you, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy will be talked about furiously and it will be difficult to miss. All we hope is that his multiple activities and his desire to hit monstrously high will not lead to a cold shower, by dint of hoping too much. Either way, fingers crossed.

Pre-order Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Series at €64.99 instead of €79.99 at Amazon

Wanted : Dead

A strange game, no doubt, but which has the merit of attracting attention: Wanted Dead is the new title from Soleil Game, a Japanese studio founded by a former member of Team Ninja who created Ninja Gaiden et Ninja Gaiden II. Unsurprisingly, this brand new software looks like Ryu Hayabusa, but with a totally uninhibited tone: there’s katana combat, but also plenty of gunfights with a shoulder view and the ability to mix shoot and beat ’em up sideways, while playing with the environment. The universe promises to be futuristic with crime thriller vibes while scenes in Japanese animation or others in live action are also to be declared: you will have understood it, Wanted Dead is not a game like the others and promises to be an extreme, unbridled and original melting pot, which will therefore be released on Valentine’s Day. After all why not…

Pre-order Wanted Dead on Xbox for €59.99 at Amazon

Wild Hearts

Faced with the extraordinary rise in power of Monster Hunter in recent years, Electronic Arts also seems to want its share of the cake: fighting big monsters alone or with others, this is a formula that seems damn prolific. To tell the truth, for the players, it’s a little happiness that has proven its worth: so many good reasons to justify the existence of Wild Hearts, developed by the Japanese at Koei Tecmo, and which will therefore be available very soon. We will therefore embody a hunter equipped with ancestral technology, whose goal will be to eliminate creatures – the kemono – having merged with their environment. Formerly passive, they have long since been unleashed on the ecosystem of the world of Azuma and it is to you that the mission will be entrusted to change the course of things. We can therefore count on a large world to explore, rather colorful and with Japanese and springtime artistic direction, as well as a lot of skills to unlock. The monsters promise to be massive and impressive while it will be possible to do everything in two-person cooperation, online. A rather interesting answer to Monster Hunter, the result of a rather unprecedented collaboration between the American EA and the Japanese Koei Tecmo. To monitor.

Pre-order Wild Hearts on Xbox Series for €79.99 at Amazon

Atomic Heart

In development for a very long time within the Russian studio Mundfish, Atomic Heart is one of the games to watch very closely and possibly one of the big surprises of the month. This is a supercharged FPS inspired by the greatest – Bioshock, Wolfenstein and so on – whose context is part of a parallel USSR, where technology has largely developed. The player embodies an amnesiac KGB agent, in charge of investigating a mysterious factory: between infected, killer robots and gameplay mixing firearms and elementary powers, this shooter has an undeniable aura in addition to being really fun. Over the course of his communication, he succeeded in attracting attention to build up a small audience eager to discover the ins and outs. It is greatly compared to Bioshock and to tell the truth, if he really proves to be his spiritual heir, it becomes imperative to watch him to see what he will give when he is released on February 21st. In addition, if you have an Xbox, know that it will be offered day one in the Game Pass.

Pre-order Atomic Heart on Xbox Series for €59.99 at Amazon

Like a Dragon: They were!

The Yakuza saga has lasted a long time and it still has a bright future ahead of it. However, to ensure its renewal, SEGA finally opted for a name change: it is now called Like a Dragon in the West (it is actually its original title in Japan) and Were is one of the most misunderstood opuses! There is a good reason for this since it is a game released in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2014, but which unfortunately we never had at home. Even more intriguing, the adventure begins in 1868 in the middle of the Bakumatsu era, with a story and new characters! For once, we are talking here about a remake operated under Unreal Engine 4, therefore offering revamped graphics and a major modernization as well as a translation to suit the European and American public. If you like violent adventures, katanas, dojos and revolvers, you’ve come to the right place.

Pre-order Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Xbox at €59.99 at Amazon

Blood Bowl 3

The principle of Blood Bowl is quite unique in its kind: it mixes sports – more specifically American football – with board games and therefore strategy games. All in an ultra-naughty fantasy universe, where wars between clans have disappeared to settle conflicts… through matches! You had to dare, but you have to admit that the formula works and that’s why Blood Bowl 3 exists, which is developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Nacon. For this third batch, we can therefore take the lead as one team among the twelve races made available, each with unique characteristics to densify all the possibilities on the ground, from an offensive and defensive point of view. Because yes, we have here a much smarter game than it seems, moreover based on the official rules of the last edition of the board game with new skills and an overhaul of the passing mechanics. Note that there is a single player mode, a deeper competitive mode, a training mode and a whole bunch of customizations to make your own players and teams. It is complete.

Pre-order Blood Bowl 3 on Xbox for €59.99 at Micromania

Kerbal Space Program 2

The first game was already wacky, but its successor will be no exception to the rule either: Kerbal Space Program 2 is a totally crazy space simulation in which the player must develop a space program for an alien race, eager to go on an adventure in the stars. However, you will first have to build and develop everything, do tests and try to develop the best spacecraft possible. Once the planet has left, it will be necessary to discover the multiple secrets of the galaxy, discover new stars with the possibility of establishing colonies – great novelty of this second game – and to further improve its vehicles to perpetuate its civilization. It’s ultra-deep and the Intercept Games studio has been working on the game for years to refine the set, dig the mechanics and redesign the interface to offer the densest and most fun experience possible.

Destiny 2 : Lightfall

Launched a long time ago now, Destiny 2 is far from dead and continues to infuse its community with massive new content. Lightfall is therefore the fourth major extension of Bungie’s FPS and this time, direction Neptune within Néomuna and its surroundings. This ultra-futuristic city is the capital of the planet and stands out as a gargantuan city flirting with cyberpunk, with flashy lights and very visible neons: obviously, it will also be the ground of a new war between Light and Darkness since the army of Calus and the Tormentors (new enemies) will come to wreak havoc. Always in the radius of novelties, a new doctrine of darkness will be proposed, the dark thread, allowing to use a grappling hook to move more easily in this impressive megalopolis. In short, a DLC still very sturdy looking like a complete game.

  • Release date: February 28, 2023
  • Available on : PC PS5 Xbox Series PS4 ONE

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