www by viktormatic

www by viktor matic www.viktormatic.com The surfaces of this object dissolve into strings. The strings connect and become surfaces again. In today’s western society, digital communication, networking and web 2.0 are part of our daily lives. Constant “real-time” connection changes us, our environment and our perception of it. At the threshold of the digital society, the boundaries of space and time are being abolished. Physical dematerialization is a real consequence. The Bauhaus industrial product is outdated. Hybrid objects are becoming media, surfaces are becoming spaces, and spaces are becoming sharp gradients. In an accelerated age full of freedom of form and transformation into a status quo, I create an object that has no definite state of its own and that is able to interact with the user and his environment. “Www” is an interpretation of the “shelf” archetype. Between form and function, between space and dimension, between not-yet-and-not-more, it creates concrete possibilities and concrete connections. Through its components, it is not only a modular system, but also a type of installation in a constantly changing room. –––––––––––––––––––––– Bolzano Free University, Faculty of Design and Art Supervisor: Steffen Kaz / Second supervisor: Walter Niedermayr research documentation at www.wwwwork. tumblr.com ––––––––––––––––––––– Video by www.max-edelberg.com & www.viktormatic.com Music by Alexander Ebner Actor / Jasmine Deporta

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