WWE 2K22: Booyaka Gameplay Trailer

The official WWE 2K22 Booyaka Gameplay trailer has arrived. Lose yourself in the game’s revamped game engine and …


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  1. Yeah, not convinced of anything. You didn't show the grappling system at all, no indication of how to set up moves, and pretty much everything else that's actually important was left out. Not preordering anything!

  2. Not impressed. Still failed to show us anything substantial. Same tired, inaccurate animations. Not much attention to detail in terms of movement. The only upgrades I see here are visual which is to be expected considering it's a next gen title.

    Willing to bet it's the same ol' civic with a new coat of paint.

  3. I'm excited to play this. Some of the wrestler models looked a little off. But that's just a nitpick. I think this game is going to be a move in the right direction for the franchise.

  4. weird how the majority the people saying positive things about this in the comments and hyping it up are verified content creators writing similar shit with a fire emoji lmao payed off much? Waited all this time for the same graphics and animations that we would've got if there wasnt a year off

  5. looks the same and I'm so sick of this fuckin song, can it be thrown off the side of the earth please. Like who tf thinks "lemme cover an imagine dragons song" that's like covering nickleback

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  7. They need to add impact to a table break. You see Alexa going through table and she supossed to hit the floor. But the impact looks like she hit a cloud ya know?

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