WWDC 2020 : Apple prepares for the future with macOS Big On


During the opening conference of the WWDC, Apple unveiled the new features of the next upgrade of macOS. The menu of Big Sur, style, and applications refreshed in order to offer an ecosystem that is even more consistent.

Each year, its major update to the operating system dedicated to the Apple Mac. A custom specially verified by 2019, because Big Sur will not be numbered macOS 10.16, making it logically following Catalina (macOS 10.15), but macOS 11. And this change of numbering in said long on the intentions of Apple.

A large lick of paint

The most noticeable change lies in the style of the system, which boasts a serious makeover. We have found that in the Finder, a design that is more rounded, with more transparency — especially at the level of the bar menus, the actions of the user are put forward. For the occasion, all the applications made in Cupertino to adopt this new charter, which allows you to put more to the fore.

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Apple offers a lick of paint to macOS and its applications.

That said, it is not that evolution is purely aesthetic. New features make their appearance in macOS Big Sur. We note as well the arrival of a equivalent to the control Centre, already present on iOS and now is available — and customizable — from the menu bar. In the same vein, the notification Center has been redesigned to offer an experience much closer to iOS.

Come to iOS, the control Centre makes its appearance in macOS. The notification Center is also redesigned.

A renewed effort on the protection of privacy

During the keynote, the focus has also been placed on the confidentiality of service users. In a new version of the browser “home” Safari, Apple introduced a “privacy report” to evaluate the privacy by the web sites visited. A password manager may be tracking data breaches and advising possibly change sesame is also part of the experience. A feature that one encounters already in Chrome and Firefox.

This effort focused on the protection of privacy is also found in the Mac App Store. Apple indicates that it will now be mandatory for developers to declare what types of data are collected and for what purpose. The objective for the firm at the apple is to create an equivalent to the nutriscore used in the power supply.

Towards the creation of a new ecosystem even more consistent

As it can easily be seen on our catch, the design of Big Sur is closer to that of iOS. No coincidence here, since macOS 11 will be the first version of the OS used on Apple devices equipped with ARM chips. This will allow the user to take advantage of the very large repository of iOS, but also offer a unique architecture for developers of applications.

With macOS Big Sur, Apple is preparing its transition to an ecosystem more coherent, where the user experience will be similar between the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac.


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