wvib Schwarzwald AG – Digital education is more than switching from presence to online

Wake up call from education expert Prof. Dr. Johannes Moskaliuk (ISM Stuttgart) at this year’s digital lecturer meeting of the wvib academy: “Everyone can now online, digital advanced training at the highest level requires more!”

The 80 trainers present and the academy have been facing this challenge for months. “A lot has already been started,” said the speaker, praising the Academy’s online strategy since March 2020. The next step is now the conceptual penetration of the online format. This includes the development of specific didactic formats with which educational content can be optimally conveyed in the digital seminar room. “It is important to pick up the participants in their work contexts and individual learning progress,” said Moskaliuk. In the digital age, in which knowledge modules are increasingly beating down on learners and can be accessed from the Internet with one click, the trainer is increasingly becoming a filter of relevant content.

With practical tips and tools, the speaker shows how this can actually be achieved. The discussion and reactions in the chat show that digital can also be interactive and, above all, enriching. The wvib academy is moving towards an optimal combination of online teaching and classroom teaching. And not just since yesterday.


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