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Appenzellerland – Schwingen

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The last mountain wreath festival of the season was held on Sunday with the Schwarzsee-Schwinget. In a field of 90 wrestlers, the host from southwestern Switzerland met guests from northeastern Switzerland and the Bern camp.

  • Dominik Schmid (right) had to end the competition early after five courses.
  • That's the legend
    Thomas Kuster (left) was unable to build on his performance from the morning in the afternoon program.
  • That's the legend
    The decision is imminent: Damian Ott (above) wins against Samuel Giger.
  • That's the legend
    Damian Ott wins his second mountain wreath festival this season. (Photos: Lorenz Reifler)

Since Markus Schläpfer had to cancel at short notice, only two Appenzell wrestlers, Dominik Schmid and Thomas Kuster, traveled to the canton of Friborg. Hundwiler Dominik Schmid, who was repeatedly plagued by injuries, unfortunately had a pitch-black competition day. With the mortgage of two defeats, he fought for his first victory in third gear, before he just barely reached the top after another defeat. Although he returned to winning ways in fifth gear, he then had to abandon his competition for reasons that were previously unknown. It is to be hoped that the Sennenschwinger may not have injured himself too seriously. Gaiser Thomas Kuster started the day a little more successfully. At lunchtime he said hello with two wins and one defeat from the intermediate ranks. Unfortunately, he was denied another victory in the afternoon program. With three more defeats, Kuster gradually lost ground, which is why he remained well behind the wreaths in the end.

Giger fails because of Ott
Although the Bernese had to do without some top wrestlers, they largely dominated the action until half of the competition. The two flagship players from northeastern Switzerland, Samuel Giger and Damian Ott, each had to be content with a division of points, which is why they were still waiting. The fourth and fifth gear, on the other hand, was again extremely successful for the northeastern Swiss. The statement made by many wrestlers that billing can only take place in the evening was given corresponding validity. In the midst of a crowd of Bernese wrestlers, two northeastern Swiss qualified for the final march. Damian Ott, for his part, surprising winner on the Weissenstein, met his colleague from Eastern Switzerland and season leader Samuel Giger. Knowing that a set final course would not be enough for both of them to win, both wrestlers risked everything after a short palpation. In an intensely fought battle, it was Ott who was able to bring Giger to the ground and complete him after around five minutes with a footstitch-short combination. After his sensational victory on the Weissenstein and a subsequent, at least intermittent, dry spell, Ott also wins his second wreath festival at a mountain classic. For Samuel Giger, for his part, it was the first defeat of the current season. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Giger will be the absolute top favorite at the upcoming events, especially at Kilchberg-Schwinget. Seven of the few wreaths that had been sown went mainly to the Bern camp, while the north-east Swiss were able to secure five and the host south-west Swiss two wreaths.


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